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Ted Bundy

Born in November 24,1946 in Burlington, Vermont.
Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 young women,but authorities believe the count might be much higher. Ted Bundy killed in seven states (Washington,Utah,Florida,Colorado,Oregon,Idaho,and California)

It is believed the reason behind why Bundy chose young brunette women was because of a former relationship with a woman by the name of Stephanie Brooks. After she ended the relationship with Bundy many Profilers and Behavior specialists speculate that was what they call the "Stresser" ( A moment in a criminals life that is the turning point or the flashpoint that begins their crimes .)

In December 1977 Bundy escaped from a Florida jail then rented a one room apartment near the Florida State University (FSU) .
On January 14, 1978 He sexually assaulted and murdered two female students at a sorority house on the FSU campus. Bundy also assaulted three other female students,but each of them survived the attack.

In October 1984 Bundy considered himself an expert on serial killers, and contacted Robert Keppel with an offer to help in the investigation of the "GREEN RIVER KILLER".

Before the capture of Ted Bundy, killers like him were all referenced as MASS-MURDERERS until Robert Ressler a former FBI Special Agent coined the term "SERIAL KILLER" in the 1970's Although many true crime writers like Anne Rule ( Who did happen to know Ted Bundy) say that LAPD Detective Pierce Brooks is the originator of the term .

At 42 years old Ted Bundy was executed by electrocution at the Florida State Prison in Bradford County in January 24 , 1989 .

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