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Rob Zombie's got a new project in the works!

In case you might have missed the news, Rob Zombie has a new horror project in the works and... it's a sequel! If you were a fan of House of a 1000 Corpses (2003) and the follow-up film, The Devil's Rejects (2005), then you might be pretty stoked about this one. Zombie's new project is called 3 From Hell and it's a direct sequel to The Devil's Rejects.

So far, we know that 3 From Hell will be written and directed by Rob Zombie. That it'll star Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie and Austin Stoker. They've already started shooting the movie and as of right now, there's no release date for it. 

How'd fans even find out about Zombies new movie? Well, he dropped a picture on Instagram showing a director's chair with the name of the movie on the back. 


Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of information floating around about 3 From Hell, but as it comes out, we'll let you know! 

As a fan of The Devil Rejects, I'm not sure if I'm on board with a sequel considering how the movie ended... So, is 3 From Hell going a supernatural route or are we rewinding time to do a prequel?  Either way could be a bit weird so you can see why I'm on the fence about this. However, once a synopsis comes out I might be changing my mind. Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts about the sequel? 

Uncork'd Entertainment has a new horror film coming out!

Well, folks, Uncork'd Entertainment has a new horror film coming out called The Lullaby and here's what we know about it.

The Lullaby is a South African film that was directed by Darrell Roodt. It's a ninety-six-minute psychological horror that was written by Tarryn-Tanille Prinsoll and Darrell Roodt and it's rated UR (unrated). 

It has a really small cast that stars Reine Swart (Z Nation), Thandi Puren (Dead Easy), Deànré Reiners (Dis Koue Kos, Skat), Brandon Auret (Chappie) and Dorothy Ann Gould (Friend Request). 

The Lullaby 2018 still 2.jpg

Here's what the story is about, "Chloe is overwhelmed by the birth of her first child. The incessant crying of her baby, the growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends her into depression. With a heightened urge to protect her son, Chloe sees danger in every situation. She starts to hear voices, the humming of a childhood lullaby and sees flashes of a strange entity around her child. Convinced that the entity is real, Chloe will do everything in her power to protect her son. Is she haunted by evil or is it just the baby blues?"

Now, for anyone that's a little curious and want's to see The Lullaby it comes out in select theaters (in the U.S.) and VOD (video on demand) March 2nd, 2018. If you live in the U.S. then here's a list of the select theatres in case you want to go check it out. Phoenix - Valley Art, Los Angeles - Laemmle Music Hall, Philadelphia - PFS Roxy Theater, Chicago - Facets Cinematheque, Atlanta - Plaza Theater, Dallas - Texas Theater, Cleveland -Cedar Lee Cinemas, San Francisco - Roxie Theater, Miami - Cinema Paradiso and Denver - SIE Film Center.

Warbeast signs three music video deal with American Horrors

If you've fallen behind on your Warbeast news, I've got some updates for you. First off, Warbeast's Hitchhiker won best music video at the first American Horrors Film Festival in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Then on January 1st Warbeast's Hitchhiker made it’s world Roku premier on the American Horrors channel as part of the American Horrors Film Festival tv special, which brought the rapidly expanding network it’s highest ratings in the last two years, an especially difficult feat to do on a Monday in the dead of winter.

Next bit of news for you, Warbeast signed a three music video deal to air their work on Hart D. Fisher’s free-to-watch linear streaming American Horrors Roku Channel!. Warbeast’s Blood Moon will make it’s American Horrors World Roku Premier on Sunday night, January 28th at 8:30ishpm central time (use channel code AMHOR to add American Horrors to your channel line up for FREE) followed by a brand new Gorecast, Ireland’s hottest new horror commentary show hosted by The Giz & Johnny Danger Dedley.

Also, don't forget to watch American Horrors 24/7 for free on ROKU and FILMON.COM

Looks like we're getting a zomb-tastic movie to start the New Year off with.

I didn't know this but, back in July (2013), Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman obtained the rights and announced that there would be a remake of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (1985). The "reimagining" of the 1985  classic is called Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It's a Bulgarian-American horror film that was directed by Hector Hernandez. The screenplay was written by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, which was based on the characters by George A. Romero. It began filming in June 2016 and has a January 2018 release date. The cast is Johnathon Schaech (Prom Night), Sophie Skelton (Outlander), Marcus Vanco (Unbroken) and Jeff Gum (The Forgiven). 

If you've never seen the original and don't know what it's about... I'm not sure if that's possible, but just in case. Day of the Dead: Bloodline is about "A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies."


For anyone wondering what we're in store for, Campbell said "We want to keep it as close to the Romero version as possible. To make sure that his fans are happy. These are not going to be zombies climbing walls and doing back flips like in World War Z." I have to admit, I'm pretty happy hearing that. Lionsgate Films is the USA distributor, while Saban Films will handle the worldwide distribution. and the budget for Day of the Dead: Bloodline is $8 million. So, it's got some money behind it and some big named companies getting the movie out there to the fans.


Day of the Dead: Bloodline will be released January 5th, 2018 in theaters and on VOD. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about it. Are you looking forward to a new version of Day of the Dead? 

It looks like The Crow is about to take flight. 

For many of us, the movie The Crow holds a special place in our hearts, at least it does for me. It's was a great movie with a tragic real-life ending. Due to a fatal on-set accident, The Crow marked Brandon Lee's final film. However, that wasn't the last time we would see The Crow make an appearance. For all those that may have blocked out the painful sequel memories or just didn't know. They ended up making four movies. The Crow (1994), The Crow: City of Angels (1996), The Crow: Salvation (2000) and The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005). They even did a tv show called The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1998) that was based on the 1994 movie and ran for one season with twenty-two episodes.

As many fans may already know, there's been talk about remaking the 1994 movie The Crow, which original starred Brandon Lee, for a while now. Unfortunately, it's seen its share of problems getting off the ground. Directors would quit, stars signed on and then left etc., you know, basic film problems. Now, it looks like things are back in motion because Corin Hardy has been re-hired to direct the reboot. 


So, here's what we know so far. The title of the movie is The Crow Reborn. Jason Momoa (Justice League) has signed on to play Eric Draven. Sony is on board to produce the movie and (reportedly) also handle distribution worldwide. James O'Barr, the creator of the comic, will be actively involved in the reboot. Here's what O'Barr had to say about the movie. “As of right now, it’s slated to start pre-production in February with a very talented British director named Corin Hardy. I’m involved in every aspect of the film and working closely with the director.” 

Now the film is being called a reboot, but it's also supposed to be a more faithful adaptation of O'Barr's graphic novel. How all of this will play out I have no idea, but I loved the original movie and the graphic novel. So, here's to hoping for the best...

Romero has another zombie film in the works.

It was a sad day for the horror community after the news came out about George A. Romero passing away. Over the years, Romero had given so much to the horror genre, but he was best known for creating the living dead series. One dreadful day the zombie apocalypse started and horror fans all around the world have been fighting off zombies ever since. The dead series consists of Night of the Living Dead (1968),  Dawn of the Dead (1979), Day of the Dead (1985), Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2007) and Survival of the Dead (2009). Now, Romero had written a movie called Road of the Dead before his passing. It was going to be another installment to the dead series, but at the time he was looking for the financing to get it going. I don't know if fans will ever see Road of the Dead or if it'll end up on a shelf somewhere lost in the world, but there is still some zombie-filled hope for all the Romero fans!  Word has that there is another Romero film currently in the works.


The new Romero film called Rise of the Living Dead is a prequel story to Night of the Living Dead. Now, here's the catch, the new Romero film was written by... George's son, Cameron Romero. Apparently, back in 2014, Cameron had an Indiegogo campaign running for his film, then titled Origins. After Cameron reached his goal of $300,000, he gave a status update on Facebook, which is when we learned the film title had been changed to Rise of the Living Dead. Here's what Cameron had to say, “Many of you know that I have been working to tell a story for many years… My dad read the script and called it “genius”.  Many have approached me about making this film and I’ve said no to many because even though I’m not a “precious” artist, this one is special…this one is mine…this one…is my love letter to my dad.”  When Cameron was asked about the premise of the film he said. “This one is the prelude to ‘Night,’ the film that created the pop culture phenomenon that has inspired thousands of filmmakers from backyard auteurs to $180M features to the single longest running and most successful show in the history of television.”

Other than that, nothing else has come out about Rise of the Living Dead, except that Cameron has mentioned that Shane Hurlbut and Robert Kurtzman as having an interest in directing the film. Cameron said that the door is open for either or both of them to join on as the directors. 

So, there you have it! The popular Romero franchise has another film in the works and who better to pen an undead tale than the son of the man that originally filled our world with zombies.


The winners of the American Horrors Film Festival are...

The very first annual American Horrors Film Festival was an out & out horror blow out with a packed opening night party at Thumbs Up Saloon. There were amazing films and a very enthusiastic crowd of Midwestern horror fans who practically took over the Geneva Theaters in historic downtown Lake Geneva. The American Horror Film Festival took place Friday, October 27th & Saturday, October 28th and the winners of the film festival are in!

The winners of the American Horrors Film Festival was The Child Remains (by Michael Melski) as the Best Feature Film of the 2017 festival. What Metal Girls Are Into (by Laurel Vail) won Best Short Film of 2017. Hitchhiker, by infamous godfathers of death metal WARBEAST, won Best Music Video of 2017!

For anyone that wanted to go to the film festival, but couldn't make it, you're in luck. On January 1st, 2018 tune your television to the American Horrors Roku Channel to watch the American Horrors Film Festival TV Special hosted by Hart D. Fisher & Deadgar Winter (Wisconsin's #1 Horror Host) with all of the festival panels, interviews with directors & stars, fan shout outs & killer horror films from the festival all airing ONLY on American Horrors.

If you wanna keep up with all the stuff American Horrors is doing, then here's a few links for ya. 
American Horrors facebook ( www.facebook.com/americanhorrors )
Twitter: @americanhorroru

Don't forget Roku users, if you use the code AMHOR you can add the American Horrors channel to your Roku channel line up. Or you can watch the original American Horrors channel at Filmon.com or www.americanhorrors.com. Either way, American Horrors is free to watch.

Something new is being dug up for Pet Sematary...

Stephen King's world just keeps raining monies. You've got the Dark Tower (2017 )movie that was based on the book series, the It (2017) remake and now horror fans, it seems we will get yet another King project hitting the big screen... again. I say again because the last time we saw this movie was back in 1989 and since that was so long ago, it's time for a remake!

Paramount Pictures is looking to remake Pet Semetary and has gotten Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer as the directors. If you don't recognize the names, I'm sure you'll recognize the previous work they have done together. Like Starry Eyes (2014), Holidays (2016) and three episodes of the MTV's Scream series. They've got Jeff Buhler and David Kajganich to write the script. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, and Alexandra Lowey fill in the producer spots. 

If there's any IT (2017) fans reading this. Appeartaenly, after the seccuss of the IT remake, Andy Muschietti (director) and Barbara Muschietti (producer) mentioned they'd like to try their hand at a Pet Sematary remake, but Paramount (who owns the rights) already had other plans for the remake. So, let's hope Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer can pull off some Sematary magic. 

Now, for those of us that can't remember that far back. Pet Sematary (1989) was directed by Mary Lambert and it was based on Stephen King's 1983 novel (same name), which funny enough King also wrote the screenplay for the movie. Then Mary Lambert returned to direct the sequel, Pet Sematary II (1992). 


Pet Sematary (1989) was about "Louis and Rachel Creed, who discover the re-animating properties of an Indian burial ground behind their new house. Louis decides to bring back Ellie’s cat after it is killed on the road, but when a horrible tragedy strikes the family, they find out that “sometimes, dead is better.”

As we all know, remakes give people the chance to take the original story in a different direction. Or delve deeper into aspects that the original movie glossed over. I don't know what we'll get with this remake, but one way or another, I'm sure it'll be interesting...

Re-Animator: Evolution in development...

Attention Re-Animator fans, we've got some good news... maybe? It looks like a new Re-Animator movie is in the works, but it's not tied to the original film. Now, for those that don't remember, Re-Animator was a horror/comedy that was loosely based on the H.P. Lovecraft novella  Herbert West-Reanimator. The Re-Animator franchise has three movies under it, Re-Animator (1985), Bride of Re-Animator (1990) and Beyond Re-Animator (2003). One of the many cool things I dug about the franchise was that Jeffrey Combs starred in all three movies. 

Now, on to the new Re-Animator movie. First off, it's called Re-Animator: Evolution, it's being produced by Isle Empire Films, Serge Levin is directing and co-writing the story with Johnathon Schaech. It's supposed to honor Lovecraft's original vision and will share more characters from the short story. According to Levin, this version is going to be “much darker, more thought-provoking, and definitely more grounded in science than the first adaptation.” 

As far as the cast goes, all we know so far is Johnathon Schaech is going to play Herbert West (originally played by Jeffrey Combs) and that Brad Dourif (Chucky) and Lin Shaye (Insidious) have joined the project. 

Re-Animator cast.jpg

The synopsis for Re-Animator: Evolution is: Pursued by the police, an ambitious neuroscientist uses a neutrino impulse to bring his dead wife back to life, unintentionally unlocking within her dormant powers that threaten the existence of everyone he knows.

Looking around I found a release date of February 15th, 2018, but things change in the movie biz pretty quick so I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

Tremors and more Tremors...

Anyone remember the old Tremors (1990) movie starring Kevin Bacon? Well, guess what? It looks like Tremors is coming back to the small screen and they're trying their hand at another television series. Now, for those that didn't know, Tremors had a tv series back in 2003 called Tremors: The Series that was aired on the Sci-Fi channel and ran for one season with thirteen episodes. Tremors: The Series took place after Tremors 3: Back to Perfection and starred Michael Gross.

This time, the Tremors tv show will take place after the 1990 movie, will star Kevin Bacon and ignore all of the sequels. Here's the premise for the Sy-Fy channel's rebooted series, "Val McKee (Kevin Bacon) never left Perfection and has sort of become a town joke due to not being able to get over the one time he got to be a hero. It seems Graboids haven’t attacked in 25 years, and Perfection has moved on. For now anyway." 


Here's the sad news, by ignoring the sequels the fans will be loosing out on one of the staples of the Tremors franchise and that is... Michael Gross. Yep, Gross has already confirmed that he will not be apart of the new Tremors series. Now, stay with me! I know you're slowing balling up your fist to shake it at the heavens while screaming about the Gross injustice of the world, BUT it looks like Gross is still up for some Graboid hunting and we'll be seeing it really soon. Yep, Tremors 6 is coming straight to video May 30th, 2018 and here's what we know about it so far. 


The sequel finds Burt Gummer and his son Travis at a remote research station, where they must go up against Graboids that have been converted into living weapons. It's directed by Don Michael Paul and written by John Whelpley. 

Sadly, that's not a lot of information, but fans will still be able to get their Gross on. ...I'm so sorry, that sounded way better in my head. Anyways, between the new Sy-Fy channel's run starring Kevin Bacon and a new Michael Gross Tremors movie, we should be fully stocked up on Graboid hijinks for a few.