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New Indie Horror ‘Fat Chance’ Poster

from horrormovies.ca -

With post-production near completion on Deviant Pictures’ much-anticipated horror/comedy FAT CHANCE, featuring Dick “Michael Myers” Warlock (Halloween 2), Bree Olson (The Human Centipede 3), wrestling superstar Al Snow, and Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), producers Jim O’Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor have released the first poster for the feature film.

FAT CHANCE can best be described as “The Biggest Loser” meets “Friday The 13th.”  Seeking fortune and fame, ten overweight men compete in a weight-loss reality show when a mysterious serial killer arrives to pick each of them off in disgusting and humorous ways.  The film is a departure from Deviant Pictures’ previous gritty, award-winning horror flick, THE HOSPITAL (releasing worldwide in January), in that it captures the fun and humor of the summer comedies from the 1980’s and mixes it with horror elements that make you cringe and chuckle at the same time.

FAT CHANCE is scheduled for an international premiere at the Movie Days celebration in Dortmund, Germany (March 21-23), with select United States screenings scheduled soon thereafter.