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The Pigman Murders 2 Announcement!

Mark Hutchinson

Hood up Films are delighted to announce they have got their leading cast for Lost Footage.

Hood up Films announces its male leads which includes Mark Hutchinson
(Paulie) who returns from the original along with Camille Yourell
(Max), Ken O' Sullivan (Gerry), Trevor O' Neill (Steven) and they will
be joined by newcomers who includes Love/Hate's Thomas Collins & James
Patrick Ward, Jeff O' Toole (Crushproof), Mike McNamara (Captive),
Niall Comer, David O' Neill, Bernie Coen, Rob James Capel, Derek O'
Sullivan, Jamie Burke, Marwann Abbas, Diarmuid Walsh, Nic Furlong,
John Sweeney,  and Ultan Kenny.

Thomas Collins

Stephen Patrick Kenny returns to write & direct, Climbing The Ladder's
Ken O' Sullivan takes up co-producing.

Lost Footage continues from Summer 2015, one year after they gruesome
murders that occurred at Diamond Hill, a group of college student
film-makers have decided to make a trip to where these killings have
supposed to have taken place.

With the only survivor Paulie (Mark Hutchinson) locked up in a
psychiatric ward they only people they can try interview is the locals
around Connemarra. Skit (Niall Comer), Leo (To be confirmed), Lela (To
be confirmed), Styles (Nic Furlong), Samantha (To be confirmed) and
Joey (David O’ Neill) and Jason (Mike McNamara) travel out to the
wilderness for a camping trip, but also as an assignment for last year
of film study.

Only what they come across is a masked killer plotting another killing

This time the Pigman killer doesn’t find it as easy as the group come
together to give him a bigger fight than he expected.......

Female roles are to be announced in November.
You can see the original now on sale at your local Xtra Vision, HMV,
Asda online at Amazon.


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