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Teaser for Captive Released!

Irish director Stephen Patrick Kenny (The Pigman Murders) releases the teaser trailer for his latest outing, Captive, a dark, supernatural thriller starring March Hutchinson in the leading role.


Captive is a chilling story of 12 strangers (lead by Mark Hutchinson’s character Dean) as he tries to guide 11 others through a series of games if they are to get a cure for a killer virus that they all seem to be infected with. As the clock counts down from 24 hours they have to make some decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives….as the decisions get harder, characters are broken.


Also starring is Tom Ward (Love/Hate), Camille Yourell (Jack Taylor), Bernie Coen, Frankie Moran Rob James Capel, Bernie Kavanagh and Connell Swords.


Captive will be released in 2015. 



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