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Greenie Furious after being mistaken for Jessica Cameron

The Emerald Gore Societies own Imp Overlord was Furious today over being Mistaken for Horror Screen Queen Jessica Cameron.

You can see the offending image below.

jessica greenie mix up.jpg

Can you Spot the Difference between these two?


While ranting and raving all over the place, Greenie was heard shouting things akin to

" How Dare They! Do these look like funbags to you"

" I Don't even have hair! I mean I wore that blond wig once, but no one know about that"

" She doesn't even have these amazing eyes! Look at THEM"

and our personal favourite

"She could never get this kinda of Emerald tone to her skin no matter what she uses"

As you can tell, Greenie is still kind of upset over this, so expect a backlash on twitter. Or he might still be a little sore over Jessica not giving him a part in Truth Or Dare...


When asked what she thought of the whole situation Jessica responded with

"I love being confused for a green comic book nerd who lives in Ireland. Its an honor "

I don't think he will be too happy about that...


In less drama queen style news you can find links to the new movie staring Jessica called Utero Below.

Utero Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Uterofilm

Utero Twitter: https://twitter.com/UteroFilm
Utero Instagram: http://instagram.com/uterofilm#