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Mischief Night Hits DVD This May

From horrormovies.ca:

Lionsgate’s After Dark Originals are set to unleash a whole new wave of terror this May in the form of Mischief Night, but will it be something you guys will be interested in? Read on for all the details and let us know?

Look for the film on DVD and VOD this May 20th.

The film stars Brooke Anne Smith (MTV’s “Awkward”), Marc Valera (TV’s “Melrose Place”), and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange).

SynopsisOn the night before Halloween, young Kaylie is at work babysitting when she’s warned by a local night watchman not to answer the door because nothing good can happen on Mischief Night. Soon Kaylie realizes someone is stalking her, but on the night before Halloween, nothing is as it seems. They say, “Danger is on the other side of the door.” But they never said which side of the door you’re on.