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Witcher 3 Pushed Back till 2015

CD Projekt Red announced today that their upcoming game “The Witcher 3″ will be postponed till February 2015.  Originally, the game was set to release at the end of this year.  The developer released an open letter to fans and shareholders alike to explain their decision:

The decision we made was difficult, thoroughly considered, and ultimately clear and obvious. We could have released the game towards the end of this year as we had initially planned. Yet we concluded that a few additional months will let us achieve the quality that will satisfy us, the quality gamers expect from us.

Ultimately, the choice was made so that they could deliver a polished product. And who could fault them for that? Who is going to stand up and say “This is B.S.! I want my game now and buggy as hell.” Good on CD Projekt Red for recognizing their predicament and making the right choice.  Far too often we see games get sacrificed so they can be on time and on budget while consumers are left with a shoddy product.