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Join The Wicked One ARMY!

The Wicked One is a slasher movie that's been actively worked on since 2013.

Jonestown Films are still working on the film and are dedicated to giving horror fans something to really sink their teeth into and support. They hope to introduce a new slasher onto the scene that will give birth to it's own franchise and excite genre fans.

They plan on attending several conventions this year to promote the film. The main goal is spreading awareness of the film before a 2016 Release Date.

"In saying that, this involves bringing in more actors and actresses from classics of the genre to join the very first Jason Voorhees, Ari Lehman who portrays the eccentric Count Creepy. So there will be several opportunities this year for fans to support this project and be a part of it." -Tory Jones

Jonestown Films are now offering their official WICKED ONE t-shirts for people who wish to support the film. The shirts are available for $15.00 and can be ordered via paypal at:


By ordering a shirt you will also get a special thanks credit in the end credits of the feature. Please specify your size and quantity. Triple X and above are $20.00. This is horror fans opportunity to join The Wicked One Army and give birth to a new Slasher Icon


You can find links to the Official Jonestown Films website and The Wicked One Facebook pages in the links below.

Jonestown Films Official Website Link.

The Wicked One FB Page Link.

Click on the Picture below if you want to check out an Interview from our own iLL Will with Tory Jones of the Wicked One!