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Retribution from Limerick!

Retribution is the 8th short film from Limerick based film-maker Paddy Murphy. It is a hyper stylised neo-noir horror/thriller influenced by the works of John Carpenter, french cinema such as Irreversible and modern genre treats like Adam Wingard's "The Guest". 

The film tells the tale of a lone Vigilante who takes to the streets at night on his neon green motorbike to make right the sins of the past. His quest takes him on a search for Justice, Atonement and most of all.... Retribution.

Murphy says: "Retribution is a visceral short that is not for the faint of heart. There is graphic violence displayed here, but once you see the movie you will understand it's not violence for it's own sake. There's a reason and a purpose driving the on screen gore and I think not only could this film potentially make audiences squirm, I think it will hopefully make them dwell on the nature of violence, heroism and most importantly, ethics and morality"

The film stars Adam Moylan (The Three Don'ts, Ground Floor) and Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed) with music by Cassex. The film is dedicated in part to Scottish horror film-maker Andy Stewart whom Murphy worked with on Stewarts fourth horror short, Remnant which starred Lucy Goldie and Nicholas Vince. 


The supporting cast includes some local heavyhitters such as Nigel Mercier (Love/Hate, Cowboys and Angels), Graham Gill (Vikings), Courtney McKeon (I Love/Need You, The Three Don'ts), Chris Rowley (View From A Hotel Lobby) and Ken McKeon to name but a few. The film was shot between Limerick and Clare - with some scenes shot on the grounds of Bunratty Castle.

The Director of Photography was Barry Fahy (The Last Man, Please Forgive Me, Blue Dawn) who has worked with Murphy on several projects to date (The Three Don'ts, I.R.I.S & The Cheese Box) and the assistant director was Aaron Walsh - who has worked with Murphy on every short film he's made to date. The film was produced by Barry Fahy and Paddy's wife, Kathy Murphy.

Murphy made a name for himself as one of the co-founders of Spade Lion Productions, alongside Limerick based magician Steve Spade, after his short story "Ensnared" won an award on the Emerald Gore Society back in May of 2014. After that Paddy wrote and directed a trilogy of short films known as The Psychosis Trilogy - comprising Ensnared, Devil On My Back and Ground Floor. 

In May of 2015 Murphy left the company to pursue independent projects and has released two films since then (IRIS & I Love/Need You) with a feature in production (The Three Don'ts) and two shorts nearing completion (The Cheese Box & Retribution).

You can follow Retribution on Facebook for more information about the film, exclusive stills, BTS shots, trailers and more. Retribution is set to hit festivals from February of 2016 through the year.

Photo credit to Mike Shawcross
Poster credit to John Lynch