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PHOENIX COMICON FAN FEST to host a Special Screening and Spotlight Panel with the team from the horrormentary I AM ALONE

 I AM ALONE, a survival award-winning “horrormentary” starring Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes 2010, Dark Signal), and Gunner Wright (Love 2011, Highway to Dhampus), will be presented at the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015, followed by a Spotlight Panel.

Friday December 4th, 2015


4:30pm - 6:00pm

I Am Alone Special Screening with Gareth David-Lloyd


6:00pm - 7:00pm

Gareth David-Lloyd Spotlight Panel


Q&A with the co-creators

Michael A. Weiss (producer) and Robert Palmer (director)


Location: Phoenix Convention Center – Azsta Grand Ballroom


“We are so fortunate and excited to have ‘I Am Alone’ play the Phoenix Comicon and share the experience directly with the fans!,” says leading actor Gareth David-Lloyd, who is well-known for his character Ianto Jones in the BBC television series Torchwood and Doctor Who.


I Am Alone has recently taken the horror film festival circuit by storm, racking up wins for Best Zombie Film and Best Actor at Fright Night Film Fest (Louisville, KY), Audience Choice and Best Director awards at RIP Horror International Film Festival (Hollywood, CA), and a second Best Actor prize for Gareth David-Lloyd at Scare-A-Con (Liverpool, NY).


The film tells the story of a small town being infected, almost instantly, by an unknown virus while an adventure reality show is being filmed in the area. The TV host's video logs, found a few days after his own terrific infection, may contain the clues that will help the authorities find a cure and save the world from the apocalypse.


Director Robert Palmer (Gene Simmons: Family Jewels) and producer Michael A. Weiss reinvented the subgenre of horror by blending elements of classic zombie flicks, documentary, surveillance cam, blood curdling suspense, and a world they are very familiar with; reality TV. 

“Our goal was to delve into new territory within the horror genre by taking the survival of man to its extreme. To make our character’s journey feel raw and authentic we used different storytelling techniques and employed various shooting formats; all with the intention of contrasting humanity against brutality amidst the unfolding apocalypse,” says director Robert Palmer.

 The creative duo of Palmer and Weiss are also preparing a new horror feature film, The Patch, about four friends who must fight for their lives in a pumpkin patch. 

 To find out more about #IAmAlonethemovie, full list of awards, and its tour calendar, please check the official website www.iamalonethemovie.com.

 You can also follow daily updates on social media:

 Twitter: www.twitter.com/IAMALONEmovie

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/abstractforces


This ultra-low budget production was made possible with the support of the entire town of Montrose, Colorado. Local authorities and citizens alike worked together to help with everything from providing locations to appearing as zombies in the film. The filmmakers even got permission to close Main Street for several days in order to shoot the more ambitious scenes. Local restaurants and shops doled out food and supplies, which helped alleviate the harsh conditions of a shoot deep in the wilderness, 10,000 feet above sea level.


“We had over 300 extras and crew, the real people of Montrose who helped in every capacity possible. Thanks to word-of-mouth, we got kids in schools telling their friends about our film. Parents talked to other parents and everyone came out to support. They donated an entire mountain to us and closed down Main Street. Everyone contributed something, even an 80 year-old grandmother who cooked food for the crew every night. We really couldn’t have made ‘I Am Alone’ without the support of the city of Montrose,” says producer Michael A. Weiss.

Production Credits:

Starring Gareth David-Lloyd (Jacob), Gunner Wright (Mason), and Marshal Hilton (Dr. Marlow), I Am Alone is written, produced, and directed by Robert Palmer and written, produced and edited by Michael A. Weiss. Cinematography by Adrian Sierkowski; Stunt Coordination by Mark Rayner; Key Make-up by Rachel Maier; Sound Design by Tom Stamatio; and Music by Adam Sanborne.