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The Mildew From Planet Xonader now available for pre-order!

Those crazy Italian gore merchants over at Necrostorm have a new movie coming out and judging by the trailer it's going to be another hit with horror fans all around the globe. Their previous releases such as Infidus, Judy, Hotel Inferno and Taeter City have all been successful and their first movie Adam Chaplin became an instant hit gathering a huge cult following back in 2011.

Check out the trailer and the exclusive pics below-

Now if you watched the trailer and like me instantly thought to yourself "Hey, that looks a bit like Neil Meschino's 2012 movie MOLD!" then you're right, kind of, roughly 25% right to be exact. This is a statement released by Necrostorm when they were asked if this was a remake of MOLD! - "When we acquired director Neil meschino's icky melt movie MOLD!, we knew it would make the perfect platform from which to launch our "Gorebreaker" inspired film series. With the help of Mr Meschino, we got our hands on the entirety of unused and alternate scenes from his vault - accounting for roughly 25% of the film. Using this as a baseline for our own narrative, we wrote and shot entirely new storylines to inject into the setting and existing material. The result is a film that is - roughly 25% MOLD! completely re-edited and improved digitally - 25% alternate/never-seen-before footage straight from Mr Meschino - 50% or very own, brand new material. In the end we have a completely new experience that fits perfectly into our "Gorebreaker" universe - bringing you more mutants, melting, action, splatter and gore than ever before!" Unfortunately we have to wait until January the 31st for the film's release but pre-orders are available now - I'm so excited I could almost melt!


Pre-order here - http://necrostorm.com/movies/TheMildew/Buy.html