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Jedward to Star in a Horror Movie?

"The Grimes twins, John and Edward, were reportedly going to star with Reid in the second installment in the Syfy channel's Sharknado film series.  However, those rumors proved unfounded.

Now it looks like they might finally get their big screen debut in Sharknado 3, if Reid's not-very-cryptic Twitter posts are anything to go by." - .independent.ie

"The Dublin twins have jetted out to Florida to film scenes for the third installment of the cult hit, with best friend Tara Reid. The American Pie star revealed the news on Twitter, sharing photos of the trio hanging out in between filming. The sparse IMDB page for the film doesn't mention Jedward, but then again it doesn't mention much at all. Reid is back, of course, along with former 90210 star Ian Ziering."

Honestly I do not know what to think of this. Our initial thoughts here were not good as it conjured to mind images of Paris Hilton dipping her toes into the horror world. Then again with the promise of seeing what a sharknado might do to the duo, it could be worth it.

You might be able to tell we here at the EGS are not the biggest fans of the pop due, but if their combined acting talents yield better results than their musical performances we would be willing to give it a look.

This seems an odd direction as in the past Jedward's audience has mainly been children, so horror is a strange move. But only time will tell I guess. To be Fair, they do instill fear in the hearts of many.