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Come get Wasted! And Survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

When you have no work, no responsibilities and no rules during a zombie apocalypse, you have some fun! That is what happens to a group of friends who embark on the adventure of a lifetime! 


Despite their friend Mark's countless warnings a zombie outbreak does happen! Now this group of deadbeats come alive as they use their knowledge of all things from videogames, the internet, life, and zombie films starring their favourite action hero, Lovina to survive in this wasted new world! 

It’s time to toke up and gun up! 

Wasted has entered into the Cine Coup 2015 challenge. This online initiative allows filmmakers the chance to showcase their project to the public for the chance to win $1 million dollars to make a full feature film. The first time this challenge was made it spawned the very fun grindhouse film, Wolf Cop. With a focus on genres, Cine Coup is giving projects the same opportunity. We, RetroGrave Productions, believe we have a new and fresh take on the whole Zombie genre. 


For starters, our film embraces the fun side of being in a Zombie apocalypse. A lot of zombie films feature characters that are depressed and dread the zombie outbreak. Our main cast are folks who want it to happen. Our characters are just like you, people who grew up watching zombie films and even some who believe it will happen. There are times you must have talked amongst your friends as to what will you do if Zombies were to roam the earth. So do we and Wasted reflects that. We believe the Zombie Genre has become Zombie Culture. 


In order to make a fun, high octane action adventure, we need your support! It’s simple, just takes a few minutes and it is free. 

Go to the Cine Coup site, www.cinecoup.com/wasted and sign up. If you have facebook, twitter, or belong to a message board, it is practically the same routine. Fill out your information; you will get a notification email. Verify your account and find our project, Wasted. 
Just look for our trademark logo, the Skull and Cross Blunts! Isn't that a cool t-shirt? Would you want to wear that in public? That is a statement right there. 


When you find our project simply follow it, give us a rating, leave us a comment, most of all share it amongst your friends. It is your voice and your decision that says, "Yea, I wanna see Wasted made into a film and have a kick ass awesome time watching it!" 

We want to make the most awesome film possible. We have been planning this idea since 2012 and we are just like you. We are horror fans. We are geeks. We grew up liking the same things. We are this generation. 


Lastly, to get through there is a voting period. In two weeks comes the top 60 voting, then top 30, 15, 5 and finally one winner who gets to make a film. Your support is FULLY NEEDED! 


You can learn more about us through our social media links

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wastedshow

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Wastedtheshow 


Welcome to the WASTEDLand