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MEAT BOX IS COMING! Hardcore Horror Fans Unite


Hardcore Horror Fans Unite

Meat Box is a monthly subscription service, featuring underground horror DVDs, shirts and other neat surprises. We won’t waste your time with boring garbage. We will give you exclusive content and signed DVDs for as little as half their MSRP.
We enjoy watching our fellow man chopped, chewed, burned and scattered. The real horror is that a lot of the best movies made this year will never play a theater outside the festival circuit. Their main promotional tools are Facebook and word of mouth. A lot of them are primarily or exclusively distributed by the artists themselves. Meanwhile, you’re missing out on cool movies and wasting money on disappointing blind buys. The filmmakers are going broke. The industry is going haywire. Something must be done!
Meat Box will provide you with the best of the best and the best of the worst, but nothing mediocre. The Index will buttle your collection, sprucing it up with exclusive small run editions of the best and most perverse entertainment on the market.
Underground horror needs our support. Every year thousands of new horror movies are churned out and heaped on top of the tens of thousands there already were. On the one hand, you can never have too much variety. On the other, the difficulty of navigating the oceans of schlock is suffocating the industry and spawning a culture where lots of people are giving up actually collecting films and downloading everything for free. That means less money for filmmakers, which means fewer and lower quality films. A lot of great filmmakers are dropping out of the industry in favor of occupations that actually pay money. The industry has to change the way it works, or it’s eventually going to collapse.
Some think video on demand will replace physical media entirely. I hope not. A collection is more than the sum of its entertainment value. It’s something you can display. When you see it you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Meat Box gives you something to look forward to. If you’re over twenty one, what do you have; the weekend, bills, the polite looks of those younger than you as they try to eschew the inevitable decline of your body and mind as you age? A goodie box sounds pretty sweet now, doesn’t it?
Meat Box gives you a great deal, we’re shooting for about twice the MSRP value with a 6 month subscription.


From the kick-starter:

Most subscription boxes are geared toward mainstream stuff. If it’s comics it’s going to be Marvel or D.C. If it’s horror it’s going to be Freddy or Jason. There’s nothing for fans of Crossed or August Underground. I was thinking it would be cool to get a package once a month filled with stuff I actually want. For me that’s DVDs and schwag from producers like Toetag, Morbid Vision, Unearthed, Warlock, etc... I wanted a service like that, and I thought others might want it too, so I did some research, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.
If you’re still reading this, this product is for you. If not you’d be off kickstarting some nachos, or something.
A subscription to Meat Box is also a subscription to Girls and Corpses Magazine. Every time one comes out it will be in the next box. This is currently the only to get a subscription to G&C.
We are also going to give you shirts, toys, and other cool stuff.
Even if you get something you already have, hopefully the Meat Box version will be cooler. Not every DVD will be signed or exclusive, but as many as possible will be.
If you get something you don’t want, you can sell it for a profit. I do that with Loot Crate and it pretty much pays for itself.
Meat Box will bring fans and filmmakers together in a way that will change the way
people view horror films.
Some of our favorite movies have never been released on DVD. We want to fix that.     
Please take a moment to learn more about Meat Box and all the cool things we have in store for the fans.
Please visit the links below and entry for a chance to win 50 horror DVD by using the form below!
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1001348407/meat-box-an-underground-horror-film-subscription-b
Official Site: themeatbox.net