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Infidus Trailer

Infidus -The latest in the 'spaghetti splatter' genre from the company that gave us Adam Chaplin...


Directed by Giulio De Santi who previously directed Taeter City and Hotel Inferno and produced the cult hit Adam Chaplin, Infidus is the story of Massimo - a man hellbent on getting revenge on the snuff gang responsible for his wife's death.

He crosses paths with Barabba, a recently released convict who only has one goal - to keep the promise he made his father and make a better life for himself and his younger brother. But he discovers his brother is involved with the same snuff gang so keeping out of trouble is going to be a lot harder than he thought. Also unique as the film was shot with real ex-criminals and people from the streets. Necrostorm have yet to reach the heights they soared to with Adam Chaplin again but one thing about all their films so far is that they've all been original, entertaining and gory as hell. Infidus looks to be no different, check out the trailer below -

INFIDUS PRE-ORDER NOW!!! http://www.necrostorm.com/movies/Infidus/Buy.html REVENGE ISN'T FAIR... AND BLOOD FOLLOWS BLOOD Shot with real ex-criminals and deprived people from the streets, INFIDUS is a drama about redemption and revenge that will uncompromisingly show you the reality of the Italian criminal underworld, ramming sweat, tears and Real BLOOD down your throat, with not a single drop spared.