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Evil Dead vs Drag Me To Hell!

Evil Dead is my favorite horror movie, so I'm a massive fan of Sam Raimi and all his other work and like many other fans I saw Drag Me To Hell as a return to his roots. Sure it wasn't a great movie by any means and its nowhere near as good as any of the Evil Dead trilogy but it was still a really enjoyable flick and far better than most of the crap Hollywood has been churning out over the years. 

One thing I did notice about it and probably one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much was because of all the similarities and references to Evil Dead in it. I never watched both movies side by side to point out the exact comparisons but the guys over at House By The Video Store did, so check out their awesome video below and be sure to check out their other videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel. An appropriate time to revisit Raimi's work with his new TV show Ash Vs The Evil Dead due to hit our screens later on this year - Groovy!

Sam Raimi's 2009 film 'Drag Me To Hell' was a return to his horror roots, and it's full of references and techniques used in the original Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. In this video we pick out some of our favorite callbacks used in 'Drag Me To Hell.'