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They’re alive! Frankenstein Brides and Creatures in Patchwork Monster premiere!

This highly anticipated Frankenstein monster film is about to see its World Premiere. This imaginative and original Frankenstein film, made right here in Buffalo and WNY will be released to film enthusiasts on Thursday, May 14 at 9:30 pm. Location, The North Park Theatre, 1428 Hertel Ave. Buffalo NY 14216.

Bristling with an all star cast, including, Bill Kennedy, Daniel James and genre veteran Melantha Blackthorne. The title is- Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster. We have all seen this iconic monster character many times before, however this “Frankenstein” film is unique in many ways, as the Producers of this steampunk noirhorror would agree. Producer, Emil J. Novak Sr. says: “With Melantha starring in this film production, it has allowed us to take her talent to places her fans have only dreamt of. Her reputable acting experience brings a
new and refreshing twist to the “Bride” character we know and enjoy.”

Emil J. Novak Sr. has finally been able to team up again with accomplished, Melantha Blackthorne, who is a familiar face to east coast film producers and in particular Buffalo NY; the home of Novak and his Buffalo Nickel Productions team. Here’s what co-producers, Bill Kennedy, Annmarie Bahny and Daniel James have to say about the film, “It is always energizing to be acting in and also producing a film, being on both sides allows
us to see how striking the overall film is so far and how awe inspiring its the visuals are.”

Regarding the cast, Novak continues: “I am still astounded by the Dr. Frankenstein role played by Bill Kennedy! Watch out horror genre, there is a new face of film macabre, and that face is Bill Kennedy!”

The film also stars an assortment of talented local actors, the aforementioned and charismatic Bill Kennedy as Dr. Frankenstein and the unpretentious Patrick Mallette as Dr. Frankenstein’s humble assistant- Herman. Along with Melantha Blackthorne, we have Daniel James, Annmarie Bahny, Bob Bozek, Sean Sanders and Mike Sciabarrasi to name a few.

Emil continues, “I was very excited making this film, and now that post production has wrapped, I believe that your film going experience will never be the same.” Novak finishes up with, “My film doesn't flinch at its influences and strives to homage innovative director’s which have paved the path to contemporary films.”

Emil J. Novak Sr. – Producer and Director
Bill Kennedy, Daniel James and Annmarie Bahny. Co–producers

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FRANKENSTEIN'S PATCHWORK MONSTER - The eagerly anticipated film by producer Emil J. Novak Sr. is about to explode upon the lusting eyes of horror fans across the globe. This film is loaded with monsters and creatures galore, and enough exciting action to fill any bloody appetite. PREMIERE scheduled for spring 2015 http://www.patchworkmonstermovie.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frankensteins-Patchwork-Monster/351562911538716?ref=hl Starring the bravura talent of Bill Kennedy as ‘Doctor Vicktor Von Frankenstein’. Along with other outstanding performances by the talents such as, Patrick Mallette as ‘Herman’, Malanta Blackthorne ‘A Bride Of Frankenstein’, Annmarie Bahny ‘Another Bride for Frankenstein’, Sean Sanders ‘Proteus From The Erie Lagoon’, and Daniel James “The Patchwork Monster’, to mention a few of this dazzling cast in this special film. Additional actors/cast contributing to this film is as follows: CAST: Bill Kennedy, Patrick Mallette, Malanta Blackthorne, Annmarie Bahny, Mike Sciabarrasi, Bob Bozek, Tara Monaco, Jason John Bebee, Paul McGinnis, Michael Leszczynski, Steve Losey Sr., Eric Haeusser, Kat Smith, Aneya Marie, and many others. CREW: Eric Militello, Annmarie Bahny, Don McGinniss, Jeana DiFranco, Andrew Lavin, John Harris, Willis Dudley, Dave Allen, and many others.