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Hoia-Baciu Forest: Beyond the Legend - Horror

Discover a gateway to another dimension, in the heart of Transylvania.

A place where the normal embraces the paranormal... in an absolutely irresistible harmony.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, one of the most mysterious places in the world, lays a few kilometers away from the city of Cluj-Napoca, also known as the "heart of Transylvania". Locals nearby are familiar with the strange powers detained by the forrest. The phenomenas manifested there, beyond their power of understanding, prompted them not to ask reckless questions. Because of fear, the forest remained, for a long period of  time, shrouded in the unknown. Until the ‘60s, when biologist Alexandru Sift began an intense study of the phenomenas manifested there, in an attempt to solve the mystery. In 1968, newspapers around the world published the wonderful photos of an UFO that has just flown over the area. The photos were studied in research institutes from Europe and the US, all cataloging the picture as authentic. Since then, Hoia-Baciu Forest has become a living legend.


This Indiegogo is being done locally by a group of Romanians, including scientific researcher and award winning writer Rodica Bretin.  Paul Dadrian, the main name for this project had previously done a project on most mysterious places in Romania and all that from their own pocket. They want to make it bigger this time and with your support, it shall be an interesting.

As they list on the bottom of the  page:

For completion of the project is needed the amount of 4000 USD. 

Your help is crucial. The total amount needed is a little bigger, but we managed to raise some money. We hope to obtain the financial resources necessary to complete the realization of this documentary.Thank you for your attention and we’re waiting for you to join our team.

Let’s discover a new and fascinating side of Transylvania.

Together we can do it!

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