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Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, CA on October 17th-­‐18th

New  Horror  Con,  Sinister  Creature  Con  in  Sacramento,  CA  on  October  17th-­‐18th.     Newest  Horror  Convention  Sinister  Creature  Con  is  invading  Sacramento  with  Iconic   FX  artists  including  Howard  Berger,  FaceOff  contestants  and  so  much  more.

Sacramento,  CA.  Cult  film  appreciators,  horror  lovers  and  practical  effects  enthusiast   who  want  a  place  to  appreciate  the  art  of  horror  now  have  Sinister  Creature  Con  for   the  love  of  the  genre.

Sinister  Creature  is  the  newest  convention  coming  to  The  Sacramento  Scottish  Rite   in  downtown  Sacramento.  Sinister  is  brought  to  you  by  the  masterminds  behind  the   9th  annual  Sacramento  Horror  Film  Festival,  The  Horror  Short  Film  Festival,  Amber’s   Sweets  Theater  Troupe,  Sac-­‐Conventions  and  Sac  Anime  Conventions.  Featured   guests  include  award  winning  practical  effects  artist  Howard  Berger  (The  Walking   Dead,  Evil  Dead  2,  Lord  of  The  Rings)  actress  Kristin  Bauer  (True  Blood)  Rocky   Horror  Picture  Shows  Barry  Bostwick,  Patricia  Quinn  and  Nelle  Campbell  as  well  as   world  renowned  makeup  artists  from  the  hit  Syfy  show  FaceOff  and  so  much  more.

“ Sinister  Creature  Con  celebrates  the  art  and  artists  that  help  bring  the  creepy  and   macabre  to  life.  This  convention  is  unlike  any  other  brought  to  Sacramento  before   because  it  is  interactive.  The  aisles  will  be  breathing  with  the  creation  of  art.  Sinister   Creature  Con  encapsulates  what  fans  of  monsters  and  horror  films  appreciate  -­‐   practical  effects  and  the  magic  of  make  believe  through  artistic  application.”  Tim   Meunier  Owner.

From  live  make-­‐up  demos  to  sculpting  and  painting,  fans  can  also  participate  and   create  themselves  in  one  of  many  workshops  offered  by  award  winning  make-­‐up   artists  and  fabricators.  Vendors  and  exhibitors  will  be  on-­‐hand  with  horror  related   merchandise  and  +21  after  party  at  the  elegant  Dive  Bar  located  on  K  Street.

Sinister  Creature  Con  is  on  sale  now  $20-­‐Standard  Weekend  Pass  Early  Bird  (11am   entrance  each  day)  or  $30-­‐VIP  Weekend  Pass  Early  Bird  (10:30am  entry  each  day,   Limited  Edition  “Creature  Girl  2015”  print  and  +21  access  to  official  after  party  on   10/17  at  Dive  Bar.

More  Information:  www.sinistercreaturecon.com