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MrSheltonTV: Godzilla 2 Updates & News!!

Greetings and welcome to MrShelton TV! Featuring Film Extras, Movies, Entertainment, Horror, Indie Films, Interviews & Reviews by: MrSheltonTV

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Blogger: http://mrsheltontv.blogspot.co.uk/ Related G2 News: http://screenrant.com/godzilla-2-2018-monsters/

Blogger News: http://mrsheltontv.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/pacific-rim-2-delayed-king-kong-vs.html Edit* Godzilla: Final Wars = Released in 2004. September - 2015 NEWS: Attack on Titan Live Action Movies Coming. Godzilla (2016) begins Shooting in Japan. Pacific Rim 2: Off/On Sequel. King Kong vs Godzilla in the Works!! Godzilla 2 (2018): Sequel due in 3 years time from Gareth Edwards.