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Check out this killer trailer for Death Car!

I recently came across this cool trailer online from Cineriot Films. It's for a movie called Death Car directed and edited by Daniel C. Dahlstrom and it just screams 'modern grindhouse' just like the Tarantino/Rodriguez colaboration, Astron-6 and Hobo With A Shotgun.  I honestly haven't a clue if this is just a faux-trailer made just for the hell of it or if it's going to become a feature length movie, hopefully it does. Cineriot Films' Facebook page didn't give too much info when I checked other than this statement -

"I am pleased to announce the release of Cineriot Films over the top exploitation grind house trailer "Death Car". I had an amazing time directing this with Darren O'Brien, Nick Norrman Bates, and Mathew Morin. It is amazing that the four of us pulled this off doing multiple crew roles to make this project come to life. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!"

Check out the crazy trailer for yourself below -