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Info on New Irish Horror ‘An Ceann Deireanach’ (The Last One)

‘An Ceann Deireanach’ (The Last One) takes place during The Great Famine, at it’s height in 1847. The story see’s our four main protagonists Tadhg, Seamus, Jim and Thomas flee their village in order to save their lives and their families after a revolt takes place on the turf field in which they work on for an absentee landlord, killing the estate manager. As the men journey through a hellish landscape they seek refuge inside a wood but soon through isolation and starvation their minds begin to break, but to what point?

 “The Great Famine still remains a chapter of great importance and significance in our Nation’s history. A time of religious oppression and foreign rule, which scarred our landscape and our mentality. Professor Oonagh Walsh recently conducted a study on the links of the great famine and it’s connections to mental health. In a census report carried out in 1841 there were 1,600 inmates in district asylums after the famine by 1900 there were 17,000. The hell in which these people lived truly would have devastated their mental stability seeing loved ones starve to death, people being separated from their families to be put in workhouse’s. We want to explore that with our protagonists on this journey of escape and survival’ says Eamonn Tutty Co Producer, Writer & Director ‘An Ceann Deireanach’ (The Last One) of Reckoner Productions.

The film will be made in black and white with the use of natural lighting to capture the reality and bleakness of the time.  The film will be recorded in Irish, something that will be a challenge for us as filmmakers, having to relearn a lot of what we learned in school. “By filming in Irish we hope to create a much needed revival of the Irish language on screen. As part of our cultural heritage, the language adds to the realism and poeticism the film is hoping to achieve”, says Dunne.” Drawing on influences like Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Mirror” and “Stalker” along with contemporary films like Steve McQueen’s “Hunger” and Ben Wheatley’s “A Field in England” we hope to create a film that will show the physical and mental deterioration that humans goes through when faced with such incredible hardship and sorrow. Although set during the 1840’s, the themes of hunger, survival, famine and mental illness are still relevant and universal in today’s world”.

Still in pre-production on their debut feature film, Eamonn & Alan have assembled a transmedia team to help raise awareness of their online funding campaign and to build and engage with an audience from prep to post production. They will update their journey by way of production diaries, cast & crew interviews, articles of relevance, production stills, and a timeline video each week documenting the history of the 1800’s up towards 1847 the height of the famine, and much more additional content.

Their funding campaign will end towards the end of March were they hope to raise €20,000 to begin production on ‘An Ceann Deireanach’ (The Last One) and it can be found here: