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Never mind Batman V Superman - Here's Jason VS Michael!!

Ever wonder what happens in Haddonfield on Friday the 13th? What would happen if Michael Myers took a wrong turn and ended up at Crystal Lake? Well filmmaker Trent Duncan got tired of waiting for Hollywood to answer such questions so he went and made his own fan film where the behemoths  of horror Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers finally face off! I love to see talented directors like Trent and so many others combine their skills as filmmakers and their passion for the horror genre to make awesome films for us fans to enjoy. I only wish the big wigs in Hollywood would take a page out of their book . Watch and enjoy!

"The epic battle of horror icons finally comes to life as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers face off in this adrenaline filled horror fan film that combines campy tributes to the original classics, while showcasing new age cinema. Starring Cheyenne Hess, Ryan Monnier, Rebecca Rose, and Shelly Gene Latane Laera. In addition to a kick ass fight scene, I wanted to add some campy throwbacks and Easter eggs as a tribute to the films of the 80's. More specifically the controversial cult classic Halloween 3. I hope you enjoy the film. Please share it with your groups." ~Trent