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Brownwell Entertainment’s debut horror film Friends Don’t Let Friends makes us afraid of the desert again.

Official Synopsis: As a group of friends come together to cover up a murder, they end up stranded deep in the desert, and have to ban together to make it out alive. But the further they venture into the darkness, the closer they come to discovering that each one of them is more dangerous than anyone had ever realized. It’s only a matter of time before they understand… Four people can keep a secret, when three of them are dead.

The shooting style of Friends Don’t Let Friends keeps a fast paced momentum, and continually engages the audience in a voyeuristic way.

“We wanted a horror film that had the pacing of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe - if that movie had started with her killing her husband and her dinner guests were manipulated into covering up the murder.”

Friends Don’t Let Friends stars Jake White (SYFY’s Children of the Corn 2009), Brittany Anne Woodford (Special 2014) Jenny Curtis (Any Bullet Will Do 2016), Brendan McGowan (Sweet Darling 2016) and Kanin Guntzelman (NBC’s Southland 2013).

Brownwell Entertainment is a husband and wife team helmed by Jamie and Lyndee Brown. Lyndee is a Reality TV Co-Executive Producer, whose career has spanned every style and genre of non-scripted television. Jamie is a writer, director and cinematographer, with a background in commercials, music videos and documentaries. For the last few years Jamie has worked on the Travel Channel show The Dead Files. The combination of their unique points of view, has turned Friends Don’t Let Friends into a raw, suspenseful, and psychologically twisted horror film that even in its wildest moments still feels grounded in reality.

John Stevens composed the score for Friends Don’t Let Friends, his unique style and cinematic soundscapes were something that Jamie was drawn to back in 2007 when a friend recommended John’s band Ghost Machine. The style of music was unlike anything Jamie had heard before and they have been working together for almost 10 years. Friends Don’t Let Friends is John Steven’s and Brownwell Entertainments first feature collaboration.

“There are moments in John’s music where the music feels like another character, someone sinister and dangerous that's watching the scene unfold with the audience. The soundtrack alone is a ride into darkness.” - Jamie Brown (Writer/Director)

Website: http://www.fdlfmovie.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/friendsdontletfriendsmovie