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Feed The Black Official Trailer!

Suspiric Noir is proud to present the OFFICIAL TRAILER for forthcoming Gothic Horror film, ‘Feed The Black`

Synopsis:  While dealing with the loss of her mother, a young woman is torn between two worlds - one of good and one of evil. As her unattached state of mind weakens, she turns to drugs and during an overdose, hallucinates to the recollection of her past. Before death, she is faced with her final judgement. For the better of mankind, she will have to make a choice. Her choice, a predetermined path to darkness.

Written, Directed & Photographed by Klayton Dean

Starring: Tyler Berry, Kaya McKenna, Tom Driver, Rhys Evans, Mog Wilde & Alex

Genre: Gothic/Surreal Horror (SILENT)

FaceBook: www.FaceBook.com/FeedTheBlack

Website: http://www.FeedTheBlack.com

IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt4687490/

Studio: www.SuspiricNoir.com