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Check out Camp Sunshine - The retro 16-bit Horror Game inspired by 80's slasher films

Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG that pits you as a seemingly hapless teenager, who is dropped off at Summer Camp. He awakes in the middle of the night to discover blood everywhere and a rampaging killer on the loose dressed in a mascot costume. It's up to you to piece together the puzzle, and relive the past of the Summer Camp Slasher in order to put a stop to this night of terror!

Check out the Video, Pics and a Nice little EGS Exclusive Promo from the guys at Fossil games!

Camp Sunshine is a retro 16-bit Horror Game inspired by 80's slasher films, coming soon to Steam! Add Camp Sunshine to your Steam Wishlist today - http://store.steampowered.com/app/457570/

The people over at Fossil games really are committed to Horror, And while their Kickstarter was very successful you can still help them get this game out!

Right now Camp Sunshine is planned for a PC & Mac release this Halloween and On mobile devices later in 2016. They also would like to release on consoles by 2017! If you would like to help them out and help get this game to consoles they are still accepting donations.

Now we get to the good part! The game is going to cost €9.99 USD on Steam, But as a great little exclusive for any friends & family of the Emerald Gore Society, Anyone who Donates €6 or more to Fossil games before release will score a copy of the game.

So get on PayPaling over to hello@fossilgames.com & let them know the Emerald Gore Society sent you! 

These guys are doing this for the love of Horror & Video-games, they are not looking to get paid so ALL donations and any money they get will go straight back into the games development and release.

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Check out Camp Sunshine on Facebook  here: www.facebook.com/campsunshinegame