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Echoes of the Passed Smashes IndieGoGo Goals!

Make this character driven indie horror a reality by supporting Echoes of the Passed IndieGoGo Campaign!

Echoes of the Passed have already hit 127% of funding for their IndieGoGo campaign in 2 weeks and now are looking to push the stretch goal to get it to £3500.

This indie horror film focuses on a paranormal team investigating the strange story behind a haunted house, however it's less about the ghosts that dwell and more about the secrets the characters are hiding.

They were initially aiming to raise £2500 within a month to fund the film-making process, with £300 of this going towards some of the perks that we're offering for contributors. Within two weeks they had an incredible response and raised an incredible 100% of their goal. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of the amazing horror community! Now they're pushing for the final £320 to get them to the final stretch goal so that they can create something the fans really deserve.

"We want to stop regarding something scary as the amount times of you can make someone jump, but on building tension to create an ever-lasting and unsettling sense of fear that stays with the viewer even after the end. We believe the most frightening aspect of anything is human nature, therefore we're using a heavily character driven plot to create a short that will resonate with our viewers." - Scott Lyus.

Director of the film, Scott Lyus, explains what makes Echoes different: "Echoes of the Passed sets itself aside as a paranormal horror film that won't rely on cheap jump scares. You've seen that a million times already. What we're bringing you is a character driven supernatural film. This isn't just about the history of a haunted house, we're going to explore the true nature of these characters and what compels them to investigate this house. Our Horror will come from the characters, not a teenager popping out from around a dark corner."

They created this campaign to provide an easy way for the fans to support us and feel like they're part of the team. We all love film, but it feels all too often that you put money into a project (cinema tickets, DVD, memorabilia) and feel that you're not appreciated as a supporter of that film. One of the most important aspects in filmmaking to Scott and his team is creating a family of like-minded fans who are bringing to life something amazing as a whole. They want to provide the community with a film that satisfies all their horror and indie needs

About Echoes of the Passed:

Scott Lyus will be directing, and is best known for his ventriloquist horror short Silently Within Your Shadow starring Bill Moseley. Silently was an Official Selection at Dublin's first horror convention ScreamVention, where it was screened after Jessica Cameron's Mania.

The screenplay has been put together by the talented Tony Sands, who wrote the horror film The Bench. Producing the short is the founder of The London Horror Society and writer of Earlybird, Chris Nials alongside UK Horror Scene's Andy Deen. Everyone involved has a huge passion for the genre and have worked in the industry for many years to create a variety of exciting projects.

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/echoes-of-the-passed-short-horror-thriller-film--2/x/2384198#/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/echoesofthepassed/
Twitter: @EchoesOfPassed