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Lovecraft Tales! Bringing back old school Horror Gaming.

Take a look at Lovecraft Tales, a unique blend of classical point and click adventure, survival and rpg. This game has been in the works silently for the last three years and even though there is only a small team behind it, it looks amazing!

This aims to be one of the more interesting games taking place in the Lovecraftian universe for a few reasons. The first being it does not focus on “The Call Of Cthulu” which has been a bit overused as of late. It’s actually based on “The Whisper in Darkness” which is a very interesting idea indeed.

The second being the games visual aesthetics. Inspired by 19th century paintings which fits perfectly in Lovecraft lore. Take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

The game is currently in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign and even though it looks amazing, it does not seem to be getting a lot of contributions. It would be a shame to bury such a promising and great looking project so go check it out for yourself and if it seems like it might be your kind of game then drop a little donation to help make this game a reality.

For those interested there is even a free demo {Remember Those} available on the campaign page to get a taste of what is planned for full release: : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lovecraft-tales-episode-1-adventure-horror