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The infection is coming home!

As most of you know, Guillermo del Toro's television series, The Strain, has come to an end. Yes, folks, what started out as a "viral outbreak" back in 2014 quickly turned into all of humanity fighting for their lives, that ran for four seasons and ended in September 2017. Now, if you're like me, maybe you got caught up with a bunch of stuff and started missing episodes, which then turned into seasons... and now you want to catch up. Well, have no fear because The Strain is coming to home video, again. Whether you're a fan that's been grabbing up the individual season boxsets as they came out or the fan that's been waiting for the complete series boxset, the wait is over! On December 12th (2017) Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is dropping both the fourth season and the complete series boxsets. 

Hmm, funny how the boxsets happen to come out just in time for Christmas. I wonder if that was planned? Nah, I doubt it!