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They want you to bleed for them...

Almost everytime the Saw franchise has released a new movie there's been a blood drive offering free tickets to horror fans for donating blood. Well, the eighth installment in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw (2017), is about to be released and guess what... they want your blood again! Starting October 5th in New York, Lionsgate and the film producers are giving away free tickets to anyone who donates blood at one of their twenty-five mobile locations around the U.S. 

This time around, however, the blood drive's campaign is about more than just donating blood. Lionsgate rolled out Jigsaw's online blood drive campaign, dubbed "All Types Welcome", in repose to the FDA's blood donation rule. Something I didn't know, the FDA has a blood donation rule that stops men from donating blood if they've had sex with another man within the past twelve months. The FDA claims this rule is a HIV-preventive measure, but others feel it's discriminatory. Now, in the past blood drive campaigns, they've used pictures of nurses on the campaign posters. This year... they've put a bit of a twist on the campaign posters.

Lionsgate's chief brand officer, Tim Palen, aims to lobby against the FDA and raise awareness in hopes of getting rid of the discriminatory donation barriers. In the All Types Welcome drive, the posters feature eight different "nurses", which includes transgender model Amanda Lepore, veteran NYC party promoter Susanne Bartsch, albino model Shaun Ross, South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech, Rotten Tomatoes senior editor Grae Drake, glam gore model Mykie and fitness star Dan Rockwell. 


If you want to check out all of the photos, here's the link to the Jigsaw website. 

Also, don't forget, if you want a free ticket all you have to do is give some blood...