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Romero has another zombie film in the works.

It was a sad day for the horror community after the news came out about George A. Romero passing away. Over the years, Romero had given so much to the horror genre, but he was best known for creating the living dead series. One dreadful day the zombie apocalypse started and horror fans all around the world have been fighting off zombies ever since. The dead series consists of Night of the Living Dead (1968),  Dawn of the Dead (1979), Day of the Dead (1985), Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2007) and Survival of the Dead (2009). Now, Romero had written a movie called Road of the Dead before his passing. It was going to be another installment to the dead series, but at the time he was looking for the financing to get it going. I don't know if fans will ever see Road of the Dead or if it'll end up on a shelf somewhere lost in the world, but there is still some zombie-filled hope for all the Romero fans!  Word has that there is another Romero film currently in the works.


The new Romero film called Rise of the Living Dead is a prequel story to Night of the Living Dead. Now, here's the catch, the new Romero film was written by... George's son, Cameron Romero. Apparently, back in 2014, Cameron had an Indiegogo campaign running for his film, then titled Origins. After Cameron reached his goal of $300,000, he gave a status update on Facebook, which is when we learned the film title had been changed to Rise of the Living Dead. Here's what Cameron had to say, “Many of you know that I have been working to tell a story for many years… My dad read the script and called it “genius”.  Many have approached me about making this film and I’ve said no to many because even though I’m not a “precious” artist, this one is special…this one is mine…this one…is my love letter to my dad.”  When Cameron was asked about the premise of the film he said. “This one is the prelude to ‘Night,’ the film that created the pop culture phenomenon that has inspired thousands of filmmakers from backyard auteurs to $180M features to the single longest running and most successful show in the history of television.”

Other than that, nothing else has come out about Rise of the Living Dead, except that Cameron has mentioned that Shane Hurlbut and Robert Kurtzman as having an interest in directing the film. Cameron said that the door is open for either or both of them to join on as the directors. 

So, there you have it! The popular Romero franchise has another film in the works and who better to pen an undead tale than the son of the man that originally filled our world with zombies.