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Jeff woke as it was just getting dark as usual . Just time enough to shoot up and make his way to the bathroom stall glory hole at the back of the truck stop where he would hook til morning. He had a deal with the clerk there, the customers would pay the him, he would take he cut and turn a blind eye, he was pretty much Jeff’s pimp . It was that sort of place real seedy ya know the type of place that stinks off piss and has sticky floors.

 When he got to the shop the clerk was watching a shitty old black and white TV with a clothes hanger for an aerial. It had a better picture than you would expect but the sound was crackly to say the least.

There was some news on where people were rioting or something, Jeff did not care all too much he just went out back and set up in what had become his stall. He decided to shoot up one more time before any customers came in. He had brought a little too much for one hit but not enough for 2 so he decided to do it all, Bad move he overdosed. Started foaming and the mouth and passed away.

Later that night a trucker walked in, the clerk was not there but the TV was still on, but the dude had only one thing on his mind, he left some money on the counter and headed straight for the empty stall out back.

At the same time Jeff's body started to twitch then his fingers started to move in a violent manner his eyes opened but he was not alive. He started making groaning noises but that was nothing unusual to hear coming from these stalls.

The groaning though did interest the trucker next door as he thought it may be an invitation of sorts, so opening up the hole in the stall he pushed cock through and said "You up for this baby" not getting an answer he pulled back a little but then there was a touch the man said " oh u got cold hands baby I hope your mouths a little warmer " then chuckled.

On the other side of the wall was a corpse reanimating and getting closer to the hunger that would be unquenchable. Then the bite came but the trucker was no noob and as soon as he felt teeth he whipped his cock out to check out the damage, the skin was not broken. At this point the trucker got insanely angry kicking at the wall and shouting obscenities.

He burst out and kicked the other stall door open. There to his shock was Jeff, the trucker flew into a rage thinking it was a man on the other side and stomped his head shouting homophobic slurs as he did so. Once the rage had left him he looked down Jeff’s head was caved in, he started to panic in case anyone had seen.

He looked around the shop but could see no one else but thought the clerk had to be around somewhere. He said ''Fuck this shit'' and turned to leave , as he did out of nowhere he was attacked by the undead corpse of the clerk who bit a chunk from the truckers neck , he fell to his knees and the clerk dived on him tearing and biting his flesh . ..

By Jonathan the "Gorner"