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Bad Milo Review


bad milo 1.jpg

Starring: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Patrick Warburton.

Running time: 84mins.

Directed By: Jacob Vaughan.

So after a number of months I’ve returned to the abattoir and on my return I’m reviewing something a little different in the indie title Bad Milo, I loved this movie and as most of you know I usually handle the more mainstream titles hitting cinema and dvd release, and I promise I will return to those titles soon. So on with this review …

The premise of the movie has a man named Duncan (Marino) suffering under the growing pressures of life on him, his mother demanding to know when he’s going to get married, his wife pressuring him on having kids, and his job, his lazy, sleazy boss (excellently played by Warburton whom fans will know from doing the voice of Joe on Family guy) giving him hassle at work. This all gets too much for Duncan who starts to feel physically unwell, using the toilet too much, and stomach churning pains ruining his day to day living until we find out what’s really going on inside his guts. 

bad milo 2.jpg

This is a comedy horror with a heavy emphasis on the comedy side, I found myself in stitches at this flick about a demon that comes out of our main characters butt that decides to take out its murderous tendencies on those that have caused Duncan’s wrath. 

Gillian Jacobs plays Duncan’s wife and personally am a big fan of hers (she can be currently seen on comedy show Community), I found she wasn't given enough screen time here or used properly for the comedy element. Peter Stormare as always brings his usual brand of oddity in this flick, hired as a shrink for Duncan to help him through his stress related issues and ending up in the midst of the mighty mini monster all big eyes and teeth. 

bad milo 3.jpg

There is plenty of red blood splatter in this film to prevent it from being a straight up comedy, and the gore is well handled, offering a number of scenes forcing the viewer to cringe or turn their head away at what’s occurring on the screen. The characters in this film are true caricatures of themselves, zany, whacky, crazy or just plain evil. I particularly liked that they kept all the effects strictly to practical effects, using puppeteers to operate Milo himself who is both cute and horrific at the same time, so many props to the FX team for being able to pull that off.  

This is a guilty pleasure movie, blood and guts, comedy, decent actors and overall nice little story all tied up with a bow at the end, no epic scare fest here, just a little demon that escapes from a man’s ass to rip people apart ! Give this a watch if you liked teeth and remember the next time stress takes its toll on you to get a doctor to check you out J


What I liked: Milo, Ken Marino’s performance (especially scenes where Milo had to come out or return to where he came from), practical effects, comedy, and grisly death scenes!


What I didn’t like? : This is small budget, short running time; it’s what it is – horror comedy at its finest!


If you have an opinion on the movie or my review, feel free to comment below!

bad milo 4.jpg

Al’s rating: 7/10