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Carrie (2013)



Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore

Running time: 100mins.

Directed By: Kimberly Peirce.

So I’ve eventually gotten around to reviewing the 2013 remake of this story based upon a Stephen King novel, and what I want to emphasise is that this review is a standalone opinion on the efforts of Peirce, Moretz and company, I will not be comparing it to the original, as I’m sure at some point here on the EGS we will have a discussion on remakes Vs Originals.

I’ve been asked numerous times what I thought of this movie and being a comic book fan, the quickest and best way to describe it would be as an excellent Jean Grey origin story (Jean Grey is an X-men character set in the Marvel Universe of comics). The basic premise of this movie is how an underdeveloped young girl and roughly treated by her bible bashing mother, has an awakening of her telekinetic power with horrific results.


Chloe Moretz plays Carrie White, a young girl in a small town who is shy and backward due to her overly religious mother’s harsh upbringing of her, causing the girl to be stunted in an era of smartphones, Facebook and social media. This theme plays heavily in the movie, and in my opinion Moretz is miscast in the role of underachieving naive Carrie, who begins to manifest powerful telekinetic abilities. Moretz is simply stunning, and it’s hard to swallow that she would be a social outcast, all made more clearer  when she turns up at her prom looking like she stepped off a magazine cover. As an actress she nails the part of an awkward teen struggling to take what she wants in life, and delivers a passion and rage onscreen that I've not seen in a while on the big screen.

To call this a horror movie wouldn't be doing horror movies justice. This build slowly to a big set piece ending all the while a serious impending doom builds with it. Julianne Moore delivers a stellar performance as a woman completely out of her mind and trying to rationalize it through religious tones. As far as the story goes, and without knowing the content, it’s all rather predictable but entertaining at the same time. 


It takes a long time to get to the blood and guts of the movie, but when it does it becomes a carnival of death and destruction that you kind of wished to see more of in this movie. With such a big budget behind it, the movie certainly gives us plenty of special effects, some better than others, some scenes clearly not as polished as others kind of stand out, but generally deliver on the screen time they were given.

This really is a story about bullying which is topical in this day and age especially cyber bullying, and how certain people deal with the anger and frustration that comes with being a teenager in these current times and been hamstrung with a mother who doesn’t arm her daughter with the knowledge to be able to enjoy life. At the end of the movie you’re definitely rooting for Carrie as we watch her grow with power and unleash it with lots of fury.

What I liked: Good pacing, Great performances from both female leads, and carnage when it happened.

What I didn’t like? : Not enough carnage, cheesy ending, some poor special effects.


All in all a perfect date movie, there’s more that could have been done with this, but was an enjoyable watch.


If you have an opinion on the movie or my review, feel free to comment below!

Al’s rating: 6/10