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You’re Next (2011)


Starring: Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen

Running time: 95mins.

Directed By: Adam Wingard.

So sitting down to watch this movie, I had only seen the trailer months ago and kind of expected a Purge type knock off from this effort from director Adam Wingard, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was nothing like the Purge. Made at a cost of 1million dollars, this is another entry in the newest genre in horror – mumblegore (horror movies made on micro budgets and starring directors and contributors over overpaid actors)! And boasting a profit of over 27 million this was a resounding success, considering it had been made in 2011 and apart from being shown during TIFF (Toronto international film festival) it didn’t see the light of day for almost 2 years.

your next 02.jpg

The premise of the movie has the Davison family getting together to celebrate the parents wedding and during the festivities the family are savagely attacked by a group of attackers wearing animal masks and armed with weapons aimed to cause pain and draw blood than kill instantly. This is my kind of movie, taking a group of protagonists in one setting, and has a group of villains pick them off one by one in interesting and bloody fashion. And folks, there’s plenty of blood for everyone!  

This survival horror is subtly laced with the kind of black humour that makes you chuckle nervously as you wait for another of our lovely cast to meet their grisly demise. The standout star of this movie is Erin (Sharni Vinson) as the girlfriend of one of the brothers in the family who actually has the tools to fight back against the home invaders and brings a sense of fight back that I hadn’t seen since I Spit on Your Grave. Some fans will recognise her from her time on Australian soap Home and Away, after this performance, I have no doubt we should be seeing more of the vivacious Vinson on the big screen in coming years. Wingard rightly lets her speak with her native Aussie accent as trying to Americanise it may have made it sound even worse.

your next 03.jpg

There are buckets of blood in this movie and some clever kill sequences to enjoy, it is fairly predictable in how it goes about its business and by the end of the movie you will probably find yourself saying you expected that! Another thing I found annoying by this movie was the clunky dialogue in certain scenes, and on more than one occasion I found myself shaking my head at the easy use of cliché in this film.

For the budget amount given to this movie, it delivers for the most part, Wingard was one of the many directors involved on V/H/S and V/H/S2 and so far he’s hit home runs. Tense home invasion horror with a twist of black comedy that puts more money into its bloody letting sequences than its script doctoring. The soundtrack caught my attention too and I look forward to seeing what the cast and directors have in store in the future.

And may I just say that Sharni Vinson makes swinging an axe look sexy! The particular choices of weapons add to the movie, there’s not a gun to be seen, just screwdrivers, cleavers, machetes, axes and a couple of other nasty surprises. Give this a watch and enjoy the bloodshed!

What I liked: Creepy animal masks, grisly deaths and bloodshed, Vinson kicking ass, the running sequence.

What I didn’t like? : Predictable, terrible dialogue, not super original.

your next 04.jpg

If you have an opinion on the movie or my review, feel free to comment below!

Al’s rating: 6.6/10