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Unfriended Trailer Review

Studio : Universal Studios

Genre : Horror/Thriller

Country Of Origin : United States

Release Date : April 17 , 2015

Written By :  Nelson Greaves

Directed By :  Levan Gabriadze

The Cast :

Matthew Bohrer,
Courtney Halverson , Shelly Hennig,
Renee Olsteade , and Will Peltz.

After a friend commits suicide a video of her killing herself is uploaded to the internet. 
A year later a group of friends meet on a live video chat room, and find a stranger is present. 
Trying to delete them they discover that the account belongs to their friend that killed herself .
Their friends hacked account asks the group " Who uploaded the video ?".
Suddenly an unseen force begins taking out one by one everyone on the video chat room .

My Thoughts :

Originally this film was titled Cybernatural. 
Thankfully they changed that . 
It has the same look as recent films like found footage ( which are kind of getting trying somewhat . )

But the " Unfriended " trailer has that creepy factor to it .

To put it simply I most likely will be watching out for this film when it comes out in three months.

Check out the Trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.