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A Tricky Treat Review

Carving the pumpkin for Halloween is a fun thing for the family to do together right? In October 2015, I watched as one family shared togetherness... in a very unusual way.

Directing this 4 minute short/comedy/horror is Patricia Chica.

The cast is: Steve Brewster as Dad, Andrea Fletcher as Mother, Keira McCarthy as Daughter, Marco Reilly as Son and Leonard Waldner as Victim.

A man waits to find out his fate when he's kidnapped by a very strange family on Halloween night.

Now, I've not been a big fan of short films, but I gotta say, Patricia Chica is starting to win me over with her work on short films.

This short was written by Kamal John Iskander. I liked the story, because you think you know where it's going then you get hit by the curve. The story uses a small script and goes more for the visual aspect to tell the tale.

The work done by Danny McCarthy (practical effects supervisor), Henry Lipatov (visual effects supervisor) and Fame Cube Production (visual effects) did a good job putting together the look of the film. I will say, I wasn't too impressed by the CGI but it's only in a few places and didn't really hurt the film. The practical effects looked good though.

Their use of camera angles did a really good job on keeping the audience in the dark and helped build the mystery of the story.

Overall, this one surprised me and I liked the surprise. It's 4 minutes of your life, and I'd say it's worth catching if you get the chance.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has violence and gore.

3 stars

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