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Crying Wolf Review

Did you know if you shoot a werewolf enough it'll... explode? In December 2015, I saw a lot of things in this film, I'll never be able to forget.

Directing this 91 minute comedy/horror is Tony Jopia.

Some of the cast is: Gary Martin as Private Detective, Gabriela Hersham as Milly, Kristofer Dayne as Andy, Rosie Pearson as Emma, Ian Donnelly as Mark, Kimberly Jaraj as Kim, Terry Andrews as Frank, John R. Walker as Dave, Alyssa Noble as Terri, Chloe Farnworth as June, Roger Pinkham as Harold, Neilum Raqia as Andrea, Michelle Boulter as Michelle, Carlos Paginton as James/Mad Ninja  and David Sellicks as Michael/Charlie/Dead Rotten.

A group of friends go on a trip to camp out in hopes to reconnect with nature. Their plans were to do a little hunting and bonding as a group. Unfortunately, what the group planned on takes a turn for the worse when they become the ones... hunted.

I got the chance to screen a new British werewolf movie and since I'm a big fan of werewolf's I was stoked. Unfortunately, the werewolf genre is seriously lacking in good flicks, so I'm always glad to see new titles come out. For some reason (unlike zombies and vampires) werewolf's don't have a ton of titles out there in movieville, and out of the one's that are there... some films don't always do the genre justice. So, when ever a new title comes out I'm all for checking it out. This one, however, has me on the fence with how I feel about it. I couldn't tell if the director was intentionally trying to make a (super) cheesy flick, or if this (in Jopia's eyes) is (suppose to be) a true master piece that will help raise the werewolf genre up to higher levels. I really don't know where to go with this one... 

The story that writers Andy Davie, Michael Dale and Tony Jopia came up with is interesting and different. Trying to keep in mind this is tagged as a comedy, I can't say I found a lot to laugh at. The script is filled with action, blood, back stories and weak lines that try to build characters and further the storyline. It was like the writers had a bunch of ideas and couldn't decide which way to go with it, so they just squeezed them all in and called it done. Don't get me wrong, most of the back stories had a purpose and fit in, but there was one or two that could have been time better used else where in the film. 

The playthrough is odd but keeps a good pace. It kept my attention, but mainly because I was wondering where we were going with all this. Right off the bat you are thrown into the story with a private detective looking for answers, which leads us to a narration from the detective filling us in on why we're in this town and what we're looking for storywise. The first few minutes of acting reminded me of day time soap operas. The over exaggerated expressions and emphasize on words, which left me wondering if this was what the rest of the film had in store for me. Then we get one of the coolest opening credit intros I've seen in a long time, which again reminded me of day time soaps or the Bond films. Once the story kicks off things started going down hill for me.

The special effects of this film made some of the SyFy original flicks I've seen look like high quality films. Again I'm torn, they used practical effects, which always is a bonus in my book, but the wolfs looked like an ape and a dog were mated through some sort of unimaginative science experiment that went (extremely) wrong. Yeah, let that soak in mentally for a second. An ape body with a wolf head... why? Then throw on top of that the CGI that didn't blend or flow with the films movement at all. Now, the film has plenty of blood and gory moments, but most of the blood is CGI fill ins with practical effects body parts.

As for the cast, Gary Martin and Caroline Munro did good, but I didn't care for any of the acting of the main cast. I thought the main cast didn't have a good flow when it came to delivering lines, everything just seemed forced and there was no chemistry between anyone. 

Side note: With everything (odd and bad) going on with this one,  one thing stood out to me and that was the cinematography work by Gwyn Hemming. Hemming brings clean and smooth camera work to the film and even though sometimes the scene it's self wasn't all that, Hemming made it look good.

Overall, now that I've seen this flick... others shouldn't have to. However, some of the oddest films find a fan base that lives to see the next piece of work delivered by certain directors. Hell, I'm a Troma fan and The Toxic Avenger franchise is my favorite of the Troma movies, so what do I know, right?

It's rated UR (unrated) but has violence, language and nudity. 

2 stars 

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