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Deep Dark Review!

Have you ever wanted to be great at something? In September 2015, Hermann was a starving artist... and he was tired of starving.

Directing this 79 minute fantasy/horror is Michael Medaglia.

Some of the cast is: Sean McGarth as Hermann Haig, Denise Poirier as (voice) The Hole, Anne Sorce as Devora Klein, Tabor Helton as Joel Windle and John Nielsen as Uncle Felix. 

Hermann is a failing sculptor that knows if he just got a break everyone would see how great his work is. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that big break is ever coming. Hermann decides to give his uncle Felix a call for advice to see what he could do to change his situation. Felix suggests using his old studio apartment, and locking himself away to focus on his art. This was something Felix had done and it turned out great for him. So, as a last attempt at fame, Hermann rents the apartment and locks himself away. Surprisingly, Hermann finds just what he was looking for in that apartment and a creative streak is hit, all thanks... to a hole in the wall?

I got to check out a new indie flick that was written by Michael Medaglia that has a pretty interesting story-line. The story does a great job at showing just how far someone is willing to go for fame, and dealing with the struggle when you've hit that point of going too far. By the time the story is over, you've seen the rise... and fall of a man, while slowly building up a pile of questions that just leave you wondering. Usually, I like closure and having all questions answered by the time the credits are rolling, but I actually didn't mind it this time. The wondering I was left with was a good feeling, and I wound up spending some time thinking about the movie and pondering those questions. So, this time around being left wondering was a good thing because after you watch it you want to talk about it with people, which is always a bonus for the film's life span and fan base. 

The play-through is a bit slow at first, but the pace picks up as the story gets going. I really dug the story, but I thought they gave away some stuff too soon. Instead of making the audience wonder if everything happening was real or if it was all his imagination they show you it's all real. I would have liked to play the guessing game a bit longer. However, real or not, the story was a little disturbing at times, but good! 

The cast was good and Sean McGarth did a solid job as the main character. 

I thought the special effects that Christina Kortum did along with the visual effects that Mike Quinn added made for some cool scenes that looked great.

Overall, I wasn't sure about this one at first, but was glad I caught it when it was over. It's worth catching if you've got the time. 

It's rated NR (not rated) but has violence and language.

3 stars