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Anger of the Dead Review

If zombies were to take over the world, would you stay mobile or try to hole up somewhere? In January 2015, Alice had a safe place to hide. Unfortunately, now she's looking for a new one. 

Directing this 84 minute drama/horror is Francesco Picone. 

Some of the cast is: Michael Segal as Peter, Roberta Sparta as Alice, Aaron Stielstra as Rooker, David White as Ben, Claudio Camilli as Hulk, Desiree Giorgetti as Prisoner, Chiara Paoli as Allie and Marius Bizau as Stephen. 

Alice is one of a few survivors that have managed to not be infected by a virus that turned people into cannibals. So, when news reaches Alice and company that there's an island that the virus hasn't touched they make a plan to get there. Unfortunately, Alice soon realizes the infected aren't the only dangerous ones running around in the world. Now, Alice must fight off not only the infected, but also a man hunting down the mystery woman Alice just met...

Just like in other movies, one zombie produces another and another. Before you know it your town is overrun with zombies and soon after... the world follows. That's kind of how it's been with the horror genre lately, one (great) zombie flick produces thousands of (not so great) others and before you know it... the world is overrun. So many filmmakers think they've got that special something that's going to make their film stand out. In some cases they do, but what makes them stand out may not always be a good thing, which is where this one falls. 

This one was written by Francesco Picone and is a feature adaptation of Picone's short film, Anger of the Dead. I didn't care for the story or the way they tried to tell it. The story starts out in typical zombie fashion, life is good, weird news starts popping up on TV or radio and before you know it, you're running for your life from the undead. Ok, you got my attention, where are we going with this one?

Right after I asked that question I was tossed into a different (unknown) location with a whole different story unfolding. Unfortunately, by the time the two stories join up it doesn't help heighten the story-line at all. Instead, you get the rest of the first story and are left guessing what the point of the second story was... or why they even bothered trying to tell it. With the first story, they skip past all the good parts of anything that could have been entertaining and drop us off with a few survivors traveling around arguing about how they should have fought to save their "safe place". You get enough backstory about characters to know who they are, but not enough to care about them. Now, I've seen films tell multiple story-lines and pull it off, this one just couldn't do it. As a short, the idea might have been entertaining, but there wasn't enough filler to make it a full length film. 

The playthrough starts out like many of the zombie flicks and, yeah, it had my attetion for a second. Unfortunately, between the constant jumping over to tell the second story in short bursts and nothing much going on in the first story, it started losing my attention. About half way through I was hoping the zombies would rise up and finish off what appeared to be a world (semi-filled) of boring survivors. Sadly, I knew that wasn't going to happen since you hardly ever see a zombie floating around... in a movie about zombies. The disjointed story fails to build up to anything entertaining. After watching it I felt like this was part one of multiple films, which I hope it is not. 

I wasn't a fan of the camera work. It was steady and clean when dealing with people, but then went to jumpy/shaky, like you see in found footage films, when dealing with the zombies to heighten the scene, and it didn't help. There wasn't enough zombie interaction in the film and the few there were all where short lived which just makes the shaky camera work annoying more than anything. 

The few effects that Carlo Diamantini (special effects/special effects make-up) and Luca Boni (visual effects) did looked good and flowed well with the film. The first zombie you see looked really good and the bloody scenes also looked good. However, there's nothing really gory in this one. Yeah, people get eaten and shot, but it's pretty clean for a zombie flick.  

Side note: The entire time I was watching this one I had an urge to watch TWD (The Walking Dead) tv show. It has that TWD feel to it, which is kind of cool I guess. Or I was just jonesing for something more zombie-ish that a tv show could pull off better than a movie.... I don't know. 

Overall, if you're looking for some zombie filled entertainment... keep surfing and find something else, but if you're a film masochist then you can find this one On Demand as of January 8th (2016). 

It's rated NR (not rated) but has language, violence and nudity.

1 star