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OMG... We're in a Horror Movie Review

What would you do if you realized you were trapped in a horror film? In February 2015, six people showed me no matter what horror stereotype I fit in... I might still have a chance to survive.

Directing the 107 minute comedy/horror is Ajala Bandele.

Some of the cast is: Ajala Bandele as AJ, Liz Fenning as Amy, Chris Hampton as Chris, Nils Jansson as Kyle, Shanna Malcolm as Tanya, Brendan McGowan as Tom and Sharon Mae Wang as Jesse and Tyler David Gilbert as The Sound Guy. 

What started out as another fun game night with friends quickly turns into a fight for survival when six friends realize they've been sucked into a horror movie. Can they break free from the typical horror movie stereotypes and live to see another day, or will that homicidal killer stereotype win over? Will having sex save a life... or put you first on the list? Digging through horror rules and films, everyone struggles to find their place in the movie, be it jock, stoner, or hot lead. If they can find their role in the movie, they might just find a way out of it!

There are times, as a movie reviewer, when you wish you could wipe films from your mind and forget they ever existed. It's not that I have a lot to complain about with my job, I mean come on, I get to sit around and watch movies and tell people what I think about them. It's a pretty awesome job when you think about it. However, there are ups and downs to this gig. Like, the bad movies that I've sat through... hours upon hours of them. Then something comes across your desk that makes up for all the bad flicks you've caught lately and reminds you why this is such an awesome gig. If I wasn't a reviewer I wouldn't have had the chance to catch this one until (whenever) it finally came out, and that's if I even heard of it when it did come out.  

Writers Ajala Bandele and Tom Hatfield came up with an awesome story. The whole flick is a great nod to the horror genre that was put together by (in my opinion) true film fans. Throughout the film they throw out film references and tackle stereotypes in a hilarious way. Bandele and Hatfield showed some brilliant writing skills with this one, from breaking the fourth wall to trying to find answers to some of the usual horror film arguments we as fans have during a film.  They came up with a beautiful blend of Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) and Scream (1996), while putting a comedic spin to a "realistic" horror situation. 

The play-through is great, within the first few minutes I was hooked and was actually disappointed when it was over. There were a couple of scenes that I thought dragged out a bit longer than they should have, but the following scenes always made it a price worth paying. Some people may not appreciate what the film has to offer because of the lack of slasher violence, but I thought the direction Bendele chose to go with (less focus on the violence and more on the comedy) was a good decision and fit the feel of the film.

The cast did a great job with their characters, everyone played their parts to comedic perfection. I have to say though, out of everyone, Bendele and Hampton's characters where probably my favorites and I dug their scenes. Next up was Jannson's character, who played creep really well.  

There's not a lot of special effects in this one. You get a little zombie make-up and some blood soaked scenes. However, for a slasher flick, there's nothing gory about any of it. Yeah, this is a low budget film, but they did great with what they had. 

A film's music doesn't usually catch my attention, but the work that Tyler David Gilbert (original score) and Tom Hatfield (original songs written and performed) did, and it  was a really good addition to the film. 

Side note: The film is available on VOD (Video on Demand) this month.

Overall, I can't say enough good things about this one, and the few things that bothered me didn't hinder the film what so ever. If this is what Bendele can bring to the table, I hope to see more of his work real soon! If you get the chance to catch this one... do it! If you truly appreciate horror, then you won't regret it.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence. 

4 stars