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Bleed 2016 Review

Firstly I must say really enjoyed this movie just to get that out of the way . The bleed is a crazy Hill Billie filled fiesta. Beginning with a newly wed couple Matt (Michael Steger) and Sarah (Chelsey Crisp) moving to a new house out in the middle of no where (which is never a good idea in the first place as we all know) and are also awaiting the birth of their first child. They are having their friends Dave (Elimu Nelson) and Bree (Brittany Ishibashi) over when the expected arrival of Sarah’s twin brother Eric (Riely Smith) and his hippieish girlfriend Skye (Lyndon Smith) who have been travelling the world hunting ghosts arrive which introduces great conflict in the story before any of the craziness begins.

 A discussion over dinner brings up the fact that there is a burnt down abandoned prison only a few miles away, which housed the deranged serial killer and cult leader Cain with his own mountain man religion that was killed in the fire… So obviously the bad decisions start here!

Eric and Skye have to go see this place and investigate for ghosts and Matt the non-believer getting goaded into going as well. A crazy spirit appears very soon after they arrive at the prison which divides the group quickly as Eric wants to stay and everybody else (and rightly so might I add) wants to get the EFF out of there but alas those hillbillie’s I mentioned before had to make an appearance at some stage and that’s when things start to get crazy.

The film looks fantastic for the budget they had ($550,000) the pacing was great with enough internal conflict to keep the movie flowing until you arrive to creepy torch lit chase scenes through the woods which really set the tone early on before a veritable tsunami of madness ensues. My only and I mean only critique would be some of the scares were a little predictable not that it took from the film but there was some really good opportunities in there to do some really cool scares that were possibly over looked. Overall it's a great watch you won't be disappointed well done to you Tripp Rhame well done