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Lights Out (2016) Review

Cast: Maria Bello (Secret Window, The Dark) Gabriel Bateman (Band of Brothers, Checkmate) Teresa Palmer (The Grudge 2, Warm Bodies)

Director: David F. Sandberg

Synopsis: Rebecca (Teresa Palmer), a young woman, must save her brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman), from a horrifying apparition that lives in complete darkness. Through their efforts to survive, Rebecca makes a discovery about her mother (Maria Bello), who has started hallucinating, and talking with a mysterious person called Diana...


Lights out is the first major film by Director David F. Sandberg, and from what I saw, it may just be his last. From watching the short film by the same Director, I was truly excited to see this movie... So much, I actually went to the Cinema and paid. My first instinct as I entered the Cinema and saw all the empty seats was, this is not going to be anything special, and that’s exactly what we got here.

The movie boasts a decent cast, (Fine!! I have a weakness for Maria Bello), with a great background story of the Apparition. Unfortunately what the movie lacks is nearly everything else. What I hoped would be a great movie of suspense and intrigue, turned into American Pie meets Scream.  This movie is Rated 15’s in Ireland, and the more I think on it, that is the age group that might enjoy this movie. It has some good one-liners, a good story and the possibility of more to come. For anyone of the age of 18+, you may find yourself like me, laughing and joking with my date as I watched it, and saying “Famous Last Words” several times each.

The Movie is predictable, yet it is entertaining. The acting was done well, the background was done well, but the plot had more holes then John Lennon

Rating:                  3/10