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In 2012 Dire Wire Films made a low budget gore-fest called 7th Day and today. I'm going to review the shit out of it. 7th Day was directed by Jason M. Koch and stared Mark S. Sanders as Allen Dean in a violent and fucked up portrayal of a serial killer.

The movie is about Allen Dean's life over a 7 day period. Allen seems like your ordinary enough loser with no friends and a shitty job pot washing at a cruddy restaurant but there is something different about him he likes to kill in his spare time. Now Allen is not just a killer he is a character with many layers such as his craving for fame and his misguided fantasies of love with a waitress where he works, but his love for his hobby over-rides everything else in his life. 

As for the style of the movie, as I said, its low budget, but does not feel it. Yes some of the acting is dodgy but that's to be expected and I've seen a hell of a lot worse. It’s a very well shot movie and the use of sound throughout reminded me of Eraserhead in the way noise was amped up to make the viewer uncomfortable.

I really enjoyed the movie; it pretty much hit all the marks I want this kind of movie to hit. Some of what I liked was the very understated dark comedy. The kind of comedy you have to be a little strange to get. Also Allen narrates the movie the whole way through even as he is killing and the way they do this in a sort of out of body experience way I thought was great and I'm sure fans of the genre would  love .

Gore did I forget to mention gore no I did not, the gore.... Wow!!! . You will not see gore better than this no matter what the budget is. I've seen a lot of gore movies in my life and the gore in this could stand side by side proudly with any of them. It was not over the top but was realistic as fuck.

In summary if you like low budget gore movies you need to check this one out and if you don't you should still give it a watch because it’s a far better made movie than you may think .