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The Tripper was released in 2006 it was directed by David Arquette,  ya… that David Arquette ! It stars a lot of famous actors ill list the ones I was familiar with , Thomas Jane , Luke Haas , Paz De La Huerta , Jason Mewes , Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Rubens & a cameo from Courtney Cox and I only mention her because she get mauled by some dogs and that made me chuckle a bit .

Now I could go and tell you the whole story and all that but you could find that anywhere so I’m just going to give a brief description of the story and give you the reasons why I loved it and reasons why you might want to check it out . Hope that's cool if not fuck ya! haha… 

This is a Slasher horror with lots of comedy thrown in. The basic plot of the movie is a group of friends, druggy hippy types in their mid-twenties get together to go to a free love music festival in the Redwoods in California. While there, a crazy guy in a Ronald Reagan mask with a dog named Nancy goes on a killing spree.


Now there are many reasons to love this movie here are but a few, I don't know where to start I suppose I’ll just start with the loopy old Irish guy with a dislike of hippies then you have some very funny moments especially with the group of friends and Jason Mewes , you have Paul Rubens being a foul mouthed concert promoter , there is a naked hippy chasing a rabbit , BOOBS! and some very realistic drug sequences or so I'm told, from friends who have partaken in that sort of thing, you even get a great performance by Fishbone, who could want more, right ? But more… there is much, much more.

In my opinion this is the best Slasher in at least the last 10 years. Arquette did a fantastic job; his love of the genre really came through it a real throwback to old ‘70s and ‘80s slashers with fun and gore. I hoped there would be a part 2 but I doubt that will ever happen. Also, thank god it’s original and not another remake, if you dug Hatchet and have not seen this check it out, in my opinion its far far better but never got any of the hype.