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Lucky Bastard is a 2014 film written by Lucas Kendall and Robert Nathan, also it was directed by Robert Nathan. It stars Betsy Rue as Ashley Saint, Jay Paulson as the lucky bastard and as Mike the director Don McManus.

This is a found footage style thriller about a porn website that gives amateur fans the chance to fuck a porn-star and become the ‘Lucky Bastard’. The website is run by Mike and his aim is to humiliate the fan. He knows that most won’t be able to get it up and even if they do manage to reach maximum torque they will most likely pop at the first touch .They end up picking Dave from as host of weirdo’s video interviews because of a sob story hell tells giving him the chance to bang the very sexy Ashley Saint . From there shit goes bad fairly fast and I’ll leave you find out the rest for yourselves.

Before watching this I assumed the star of the movie was going to be the concept, but I was very wrong. The concept was very solid and original but the best thing about this was the acting it was very good for the most part. Especially the first scene which was expertly pulled off largely thanks to Betsy Rue, she was great.

Something important about this I've not mentioned yet is that its rated NC-17. Usually when I know a movie is NC-17 it excites me because it usually means that the director did not compromise and water down his vision for a larger audience. Having said that I can see why this has got that rating (fairly graphic sex scenes) but it still felt watered down to me. I think they could have pushed it further for example most of the kills are done off screen and could have shown more even the sex scenes, ya the were fairly graphic but it’s an NC-17 why not make them very graphic .I still really liked the movie but just wanted more gore and stuff, but hey I guess that’s just what happens when a horror fan reviews a thriller.

Something too that bothered me while watching this is I could not work out were the writers pro or anti porn as it seemed to push both views at different points. For example I thought the first scene was a powerfully pro porn statement showing this is a job nothing else. But then later Dave is questioning some of the porn-stars and his questions have venom behind them that made me think they were anti porn. This too could have just been good writing and maybe I should have not mentioned it but it typed now so fuck it.

Anyway when all was said and done I really enjoyed this and I would recommend it to anyone who likes naked ladies and original ideas in the same movie. But a bit of advice I’ll give ya before you watch it is, don’t watch it on a big screen with the volume up late at night while the wife and kids are in bed because some of the audio is exactly the same as porn and may be a little awkward to explain the next day.