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Triloquist is a 2008 movie starring Paydin LoPachin , Rocky Marquette and as the voice of Dummy Bruce Weitz . It was written and directed by Mark Jones the man who brought us the epic cheese-fest Leprechaun and the lesser known Rumpelstiltskin among a few others.

This for me was a total blind pick up that I happened upon in a second hand DVD store about 4 years ago. I had not heard anything of it before I saw in but after reading the tagline on the cover which read ‘ Chucky meets Natural Born Killers’ I was all in.

Now let me start this review by saying this was a complete train wreck of a movie, but not the kind of train wreck that kills hundreds of people and makes everyone sad as shit. No more like the kind of train wreck that just happened to be carrying fireworks instead of people so when it crashed and blew up there was marvelous explosions that made people gather from miles around to gaze at this epic tragedy .

This is a killer doll movie but one that defiantly stands out from the crowd. It starts in the past with the two main characters (Angelina and Norbert) mother struggling to pay rent as nobody want to book her ventriloquist act. She soon overdoses and dies leaving the two siblings and the dummy to go into foster care before being sent to live with their abusive uncle who in time gets murdered by the dummy. Then it skips ahead in time to when the kids are in their late teens. That’s when the shit really picks up as the two and the dummy go on a murderous road trip. The end goal being to get Norbert who at this point is mute and only talk’s trough the dummy to Las Vegas so he can start his own act as a magic ventriloquist. I’ll leave the plot there because to be honest from here on there’s so many plot holes that it’s best just to stop thinking and enjoy the thing without thinking.

A brief description of the main characters.

Ok, the sister Angelina is a crazy sexy bitch who somehow has a hold over Norbert and the dummy. She is a slutty psychopath with a taste for murder. The actress playing her was terrible at acting but because Angelina was supposed to be putting on a façade most of the time it kind of worked in a weird way.



The brother Norbert was fucking hilarious. He was mute so most of his acting was done with over the top facial expressions and physical comedy such as his dancing and running.

Then there Dummy a real creepy and beat up looking ventriloquist dummy .He has some great one liners and some funny scenes, such as giving a strip club manager a blow job and having a dream of two hot ladies giving him a lap dance, funny fuckin shit. Also he is the source of most of the horror elements of the movie.

The way that Mark Jones shot the movie left me wondering if he knew what he wanted to do with the movie. Examples of this are the way at part it was like a bad attempt of an indie flick with music being played over black and white video, while at other parts he sped up movement like something out of a Benny Hill skit. I found it a strange juxtaposition of styles.

So in summery I fucking love this movie but its terrible and not well made unless this is precisely what he wanted to achieve then its expertly made, but if you ask me it was a happy accident. Anyhow just watch it with a few beers , smokes and friends I guarantee that you will either love the movie like me or have a great time making fun of it either way it will entertain the shit out of you .