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Top 10 for Halloween 2013


1 - Idle Hands 

One of my favourite horror/comedies ever. Has a great cast, including an early role for Jessica Alba and a cameo by The Offspring. Just hilarious from beginning to end and has some nice nods to classics such as Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.



2 - House Of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombies directorial debut, clearly a love letter to some of his favourite horrors. The most obvious being The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Has a gritty 70s grindhouse feel and look to it but is chock full of dark humour. Made household names out of the Firefly family members Baby, Otis & Captain Spaulding and a few years later they returned in the sequel The Devil's Rejects.



3 - The Monster Squad

Fred Dekker's classic 80s monster mash, aimed mainly at children but enjoyed by people of all ages.An ode to the classic Universal Monsters as a group of kids take on Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy and Mer-man in a battle to save the world.



4 - Night Of The Demons (2009)

Adam Gierasch's remake of the 80s classic. I know most people especially the anti-remake posse and fans of the original probably hated this film but I really enjoyed it. Also most people would probably put the original on their list so I thought I'd do something a little different. Not as enjoyable as the original but I thought it was definitely one of the better remakes. 

It had some awesome fx and gore and plenty of hotties such as Shannon Elizabeth,Diora Baird,Bobbi Sue Luthor,Monica Keena, Tiffany Shepis and a cool cameo by star of the original Linnea Quigley.


5 - Satan's Little Helper

Hilarious low-budget Halloween fun from Jeff Lieberman who also directed classics such as Squirm and Just Before Dawn.

I was late to party with this one as I didn't see it until 6 or 7 years after it was released, I was surprised that I hadn't seen or heard of it before but more surprised at the amount of others who hadn't seen it either. Definitely a film that deserves more credit.




6 - Fright Night

Tom Holland's original classic from 1985, not the mediocre sequel or the remake with Colin Farrell or its' remake/sequel.

Fright Night truly is a classic and even though it's not set on Halloween it's one that should be watched on Halloween, or any other night. It doesn't matter how many remakes, prequels or sequels they churn out, the original Fright Night will always remain untouched in my eyes.



7 - Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

The black sheep or the red-haired stepchild of the Halloween franchise has always had a cult following over the years which has grown even more recently, probably due to the special edition blu-ray release by Scream Factory. Season Of The Witch would probably have been far more successful without the Halloween 3 in its' title as it has basically nothing to do with Michael Myers and the Halloween series but luckily most horror fans including myself see it for what it really is - a fun 80s horror flick with a good story even minus Myers and featuring one of the most underrated actors ever Tom Atkins.



8 - The Exorcist 

A true classic that still manages to creep people out all these years later. I witnessed evidence of this first hand a few years back when I went to the cinema on Halloween to see the 30th anniversary re-release of The Exorcist - the more Reagan showed signs of her demonic possession more and more people who were obviously freaked out got up and walked out of the cinema. That must have been what it felt like to view it in the cinema back in 73,a time-warp of terror!


9 - Trick r Treat

This is probably the most obvious Halloween pick, after John Carpenter's Halloween of course but I felt the need to add it to this list, probably because its' such a fun film to watch any time of the year but at Halloween it just feels right. Also I couldn't decide between Creepshow 1 and 2 so I settled for this which is just as good in my opinion. It took a few years to get released and gain any recognition but it quickly gathered a cult following which seems to grow more each year. Hopefully Michael Dougherty will someday treat us with a worthy sequel.




10 - The Evil Dead

My favourite horror film of all time, has all the perfect ingredients - the camera work, the score, the cabin in the woods, the Necronomicon, Deadites, buckets of gore and Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams.